What is Nanoandes?

Relevance of Nanoandes in the andean region


The Nanoandes Network was founded by a group of researchers from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Peru and Venezuela, at the headquarters of the Andean Community of Nations, Lima, June 2010. In this first event, with the organization of the National University of Engineering and Cayetano University of Heredia, sponsored by the organization of cooperation Peruvian-French La Puya Raimondi and the Agency for Regional cooperation for the Andean countries of the French Embassy in Peru, researchers participated in an Andean Workshop Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, called Nanoandes, whose objective was to know the "state of the art" of the participating countries on issues nano, discuss mechanisms for funding and support of the states, the productive sectors and society in General and coordinate activities to establish nano programs in each country, as well as programs of cooperation and collaboration with peers in the region and other parts of the world.


Given the conditions of initial funding, the starting network Nanoandes decided to launch a number of schools of nanoscience, tried to gather a wide audience in the participating countries and send the manifesto "the letter of Lima", with the conclusions of the event-to institutions responsible for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Andean countries in a first attempt to achieve financial support for the activities of the network. One concern expressed in Lima was the limited range of courses on nanoscience and nanotechnology detected in the Andean countries and the absence of university academic programs at undergraduate or postgraduate. In this sense, the construction of an international master's program in nanoscience and joint capacity of laboratories in the countries of the region became medium-term goals.

In just over five years, Nanoandes has acted as a nucleating human resources around training in nanoscience not only in the Andean countries but also in Latin America. In schools, they participated, in person, more than 300 undergraduate, master's and doctoral and post-doctoral researchers some from 12 countries. Since 2011, schools have implemented Nanoandes nanoscience in Cartagena, Colombia, Quito, Ecuador, La Paz, Bolivia, Merida, Venezuela and San Jose, Costa Rica. In these schools, undergraduate and graduate students from Latin American universities attend for a week to receive theoretical and practical training in nanoscience under the supervision of prestigious researchers from the Americas and Europe.


Our Mission


The Nanoandes network was founded in Lima by researchers from institutions in Latin America and France to strengthen research capacity in nanosciences in Latin American countries with emphasis on the Andean region ..


Our Vision


Coordinate activities to establish nano programs in each country, as well as cooperation and collaboration programs with peers in the region and other parts of the world.




Estabilish an international program of nanoscience as the backbone for the development of nanotechnology in the Andean region and scientific ties with other countries in Latin America and the world.

Help in the development of regional cooperation in scientific research topics in nanoscience.

Raising the level of training, undergraduate and graduate, future researchers in nanoscience, through schools, courses (online or classroom), research internships, co-tutoring of thesis, etc.