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Cali, officially named Santiago de Cali, is a Colombian, capital of the department of Valle del Cauca, municipality is the third largest city in Colombia. It is located in the southern region of Valle del Cauca, between the western mountains and the central Andes. The city is part of the Metropolitan Area of Cali, along with the surrounding municipalities

It was founded on July 25, 1536 by Sebastian de Belalcazar, making it one of the oldest cities in America. The city is a major economic and industrial centers of Colombia, besides being the main urban, cultural, economic, industrial and agricultural center of the southwest of the country and the third nationwide.

It is the main sports center of Colombia, highlighting the organization of major sporting events like the 1971 Pan American Games and the 2013 World Games. It is in turn known as "the world capital of salsa".


Important data about Cali:

Habitants: 2 907 328

Demonym: caleño, caleña

Area: 619 km

Altitude: 1018 m

Temperature: 28.5 °C

More info in Santiago de Cali Town Hall: http://www.cali.gov.co/publicaciones/cali_en_cifras_planeacion_pub


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