International Research Cluster Groupement de Recherches International (GDRi) Between France and Latin America:
Fostering Effective Interactions among partner groups for future collaboration and events




What is a GDRi? A GDRI is a research network formed between CNRS laboratories and several laboratories of two - or more - countries for the scientific coordination of a specific topic. The network, which has no legal personality in any in the participating countries, is established for a period of four years, renewable once.


The GDRI funding focuses on mobility, exchange of information, organization of seminars and workshops. The GDRI is coordinated by a scientific committee, chaired by a coordinator and comprising representatives of the partner laboratories. It regularly reports on its activity to a steering committee.

A New GDRi Network. Partners from The Néel Institute and The Structure and Properties of Molecular Architectures Lab (SPrAM), Grenoble, the Nanosciences Institute of Paris, and laboratories and research organizations from Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru) joined efforts for a GDRi (Groupement de Recherches International) proposal that aims at coordinating cooperation activities. The topics to be addressed cover the synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructures and their applications in the fields of low carbon energy and technologies for health.

This network is based on two former initiatives: - NanoAndes (2010- ). - LIFAN : French-Argentinian laboratory in Nanosciences (2009-2016).


The GDRi will aim at developing two types of actions:

-Training: organization of a yearly thematic summer school in Latin America or France on the format of the NanoAndes schools, with both lectures and hands-on work, targeting young scientists. The topics will be in line with the priority topics of the GDRi.

-  The annual participation of one or two young scientists from Latin America to summer schools or training actions in the field of nanosciences in France (e.g. the European School of NaNosciences ESONN in Grenoble).

- Scientific cooperation: Organization of annual thematic workshops (opened to participants beyond the GDRi) coupled to the above mentioned summer school.

This network will provide and excellent framework to reinforce existing collaborations and establish new ones. For the French partners, the GDRi would be an opportunity to host excellent students for training periods at the Master level (e.g. Predoc grants in Grenoble) or for PhD or post-doctoral positions.

First scientific workshop of the future GDRI: Nanomaterials and nanostructures for energy and health.It will be held in Cali, in November 14 and 15, 2016. Here, the GDri partners will get to know the scientific activities and interests of the participants. The goal is to establish effective interactions among the partners for future collaboration and events.


Lab representatives will give 1-hour talks about their potential contributions to the GDRi. Colombia (Universidad del Valle), Argentina (CONICET Buenos Aires y Bariloche), Peru (CONCYTEC and partners), Costa Rica (LANOTEC) and France (INAC-SPrAM, I. Néel and INSP).

In November 15, the afternoon session will concentrate on future activities. The discussion is open to other potential partners from Latin America.