§ pur?h??ed ? m?j?rity ?t?ke in the ??mp?ny, ??r?v?r

§  T?lking ?b?ut the trend?, the Merger ?nd ??qui?iti?n
trend i? ?l?wly ??t?hing up ?n the h?tel indu?try. ? big ??qui?iti?n h?? ?t?rted ?ff the ye?r ?n ? g??d
n?te f?r the h??pit?lity indu?try. The L?uvre H?tel Gr?up, whi?h i? ? p?rt ?f
the Jin Ji?ng intern?ti?n?l H?lding?, h?? pur?h??ed ? m?j?rity ?t?ke in the ??mp?ny,
??r?v?r H?tel?. V?ri?u? inve?t?r? ?re n?t willing t? t?ke the ri?k? ?f e?t?bli?hing
? new h?tel in the ??untry, whi?h i? the re???n behind ??qui?iti?n? being ?n e??y
?h?i?e. The tr?n???ti?n? ?re ???urring ?t di???unt? rel?ted t? repl??ement ???t?
while the differen?e between the buyer ?nd ?eller pri?e ??ntinue? t? be ?
deterrent. The ?urrent ?per?ting trend? in h?tel perf?rm?n?e ?re ?h?wing ?n eviden?e
?f ? p??itive
gr?wth ?y?le whi?h i? the re???n behind the ?tr?tegi? ??qui?iti?n?. The l??t ?ignifi??nt
h?tel tr?n???ti?n t??k pl??e in 2015, p??t th?t, 2016 h?? rem?ined dull ?nd
2017 h?? ju?t ?t?rted ?n ? high n?te.


§  ?n?ther ?ignifi??nt trend i ?b?erved w?? th?t m?ny
H?tel? ?re merging r?ther redu?ing their ?egment?ti?n ?? th?t the ?u?t?mer? ?re
?ble t? under?t?nd it better. ??n?ider the ex?mple ?f T?j Gr?up ?f H?tel?. ????rding
t? it? pl?n, the ??mp?ny h?d h?tel? in f?ur ?egment? luxury, premium, mid-m?rket
?nd e??n?my. Pr?pertie? in the luxury ?egment ?l?ne h?d the prefix ‘T?j’ in the
n?me. The T?j n?me ?h?uld be ?????i?ted ?nly with the upper end ?f the m?rket
whi?h i? luxury.The h?tel? in the premium ?egment will be ??lled Viv?nt? by T?j,
while the mid-m?rket br?nd will be The G?tew?y — with?ut ?ny referen?e t? the
br?nd T?j. ?nd, the budget h?tel br?nd Ginger ??me? under the ??mp?ny’? wh?lly-?wned
?ub?idi?ry — R??t? ??rp?r?ti?n. The ide? i? t? help ?u?t?mer? ?f T?j h?tel? t?
di?tingui?h the h?tel ?nd rel?te with it? fe?ture?. Thi? i? pretty mu?h wh?t ?ll
?ther gl?b?l h?tel ??mp?nie? in?luding ?t?rw??d, M?rri?tt ?nd ??rl??n d?. Even
h?me-gr?wn ?h?in? ?u?h ?? ?ber?i ?nd iT? H?tel? h?ve ? ?ep?r?te identity f?r different
h?tel ?egment?.

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§  H?wever,
the new? thi? ye?r ??id th?t indi?n H?tel? t? exit Viv?nt? ?nd G?tew?y br?nd?,
bring h?tel? under T?j f?ld. Under thi? new initi?tive, the ??mp?ny i? upgr?ding
?ll the 53 premium h?tel? ?f Viv?nt? ?nd G?tew?y in indi? ?nd ?br??d, ?nd migr?ting
them int? T?j br?nd. The?e h?tel? will n?w be divided int? f?ur ?ub-??teg?rie?—T?j
H?tel?, P?l??e?, Re??rt? ?nd ??f?ri? depending up?n the l???ti?n ?nd n?ture ?f
the pr?pertie?.


§  B?th
the?e br?nd? h?ve exi?ted f?r ?lm??t ? de??de. While G?tew?y w?? l?un?hed in
2008, Viv?nt? w?? intr?du?ed in 2010. M??t ?f the exi?ting Viv?nt? ?nd G?tew?y
h?tel? will underg? ren?v?ti?n ?nd their ?ervi?e? upgr?ded within the next ?ne
ye?r. Fir?t ?f ?ll it (the br?nding exer?i?e) r?ti?n?li?e? ?ur f??tprint; ?e??ndly,
it bring? ? ?en?e ?f ?uthenti?ity t? ?ur pr?du?t? where we ?re red?ing ?nd re??libr?ting
it. We believe th?t ?ver time the?e h?tel? will get premium ?nd it w?uld tr?n?l?te
int? higher fl?w t? ?ur b?tt?mline. The ??mp?ny ?l?? expe?t? th?t the initi?tive
will help differenti?te the h?tel ?h?in in the m?rket whi?h h?? ?een ?ggre??ive
pu?h fr?m ??me ?f the gl?b?l ??mp?nie? like M?ri?tt Ltd, inter??ntinent?l H?tel?
?nd Re??rt? in the luxury ?egment while ????rH?tel? in the mid ?nd premium ?egment.


§  T?lking ?b?ut the G?vernmet p?li?ie?, with ? little
?upp?rt fr?m the G?vernment in term? ?f the G?T being redu?ed ?n the luxury r??m?,
thi? indu?try will ?ee ? b??m ?in?e the dem?nd f?r the r??m? ?? ?een in the m?j?r
?itie? i? ?lre?dy very high. ?nd ?? there lie? immen?e gr?wth ?pp?rtunitie? f?r
thi? indu?try t? fl?uri?h.