· another bank. Non-financial institutions are substitute of banking

Threat of New Entrants: Threat of new entrants in banking
industry is low. Because entering new bank in Bangladesh banking industry this
time needs government license and permeation to the Bangladesh bank with 400
coror TK. this is not essay open a new bank. Initially need skill manpower it
is also not essay to the new bank.

Bargaining power of Buyers: Bargaining power of buyer is high.
Because almost all Bank are provide same loan, deposit and other scheme. Many
bank provide same service differently. Modern industry customer all the banking
information get easily and customer switching another bank. Example another
bank provide loan low interest rate.

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Bargaining power of supplier: The bargaining power of supplier
is high. Bank collect money for industry in customer deposits, loan. The
bargaining power of supplier high in way. First if depositor want more interest
rate otherwise customer run other bank. Secondly multinational companies’ main
portion deposit for the bank fund. Some time they threat to the bank for more
interest rate otherwise run another bank who provide more interest rate.

Threat of substitute products or
service: Threat of
substitute product is high. It
means another bank provide same service of Bank. So any how EXIM bank do not
full fill customer demand, that time customer run another bank.  Non-financial institutions are substitute of
banking industry. Financial company provide loan is low interest rate and
collect deposited is high interest. It is threat for bank industry.

 Rivalry among existing firms: Banking industry is more comparative
competition is high. Exim bank is the shariah base islami bank. Bangladesh bank
industry have eight islami shariah base low following bank and some
conventional bank. Private commercial banks and every bank has its own target.
There is always a competition to do better than other banks to be in a better
position.  They have more power for catch
the customer.