· go to China for an international World Student

On Personal Power: Inner Strength & Its
Revolutionary Impact

Freedom to Learn,

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A Way of Being,

Person to Person: The Problem of Being Human,

On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of

In his junior year of 1922 he was
selected as one of a dozen students from his country to go to China for an
international World Student Christian Federation Conference. It was four years
after the close of World War I and seeing the hatred between the French and
Germans caused Rogers to revaluate his religious thinking and even considered
becoming a church minister (Rogers 1961). It was around this time he married Helen Elliot with reluctant
approval from his family.  Rogers is also
the author of several books including.

During his first two college
years his professional goal changed, (as the result of some emotionally charged
student religions conferences), from that of a scientific agriculturist to that
of the religious ministry. He changed from agriculture to history, believing
this would be a better preparation (Rogers 1961).

Carl Rogers was a major
spokesperson for humanistic psychology, led a life that reflected the ideas he developed
for half a century. He showed a questioning stance, a deep openness to change,
and the courage to forge into unknown territory both as a person and as a
professional. In writing about his early years, Rogers recalled his family
atmosphere as characterized by close and warm relationships but also by strict
religious standards. Play was discouraged, and the virtues of the Protestant
ethic were extolled. His boyhood was somewhat lonely, and he pursued scholarly
interests instead of social ones. Rogers was an introverted person, and he
spent a lot of time reading and engaging in imaginative activity and reflection,
Rogers was the first to study the counselling process in depth by analysing the
transcripts of actual therapy sessions. (Corey 2013).

Biography of Carl Rogers (1902-1987)