1. a top angle, with light falling only at

1.      Adam
and Anthony meet for the first time: This is where Anthony had asked Adam to
meet him at a certain hotel. Adam gets out of the car where there is efficient
light, and into the building with dim lighting, casting shadows on his face.
There is also a bit of an eerie tone in the music that’s playing in the
background, getting a bit intense as Adam is about to open the door to the room
he was asked to meet Anthony in. There’s much anticipation, however the music
stops as Adam enters because the room is empty and dark. We can barely even see
Adam’s face. He sits on the edge of the bed as a silhouette. The shot of the
bottom of the door is shown where the camera is zooming in. You can see little
shadows passing by from the thin line of light underneath the door. This is
telling us that Anthony or someone is about to enter. Camera is back at Adam
who looks nervous and stands up immediately in anticipation. Camera zooms in on
him in a mid-shot, then back at the bottom of the door in a close shot. This
looks like Rhythmic Montage. This continues until Anthony finally opens the
door. He’s wearing dark clothes, peeking a little from behind the door, with a
little bit of light shining only at him, moving the audience’s eyes to him
instantly. There is a shot where camera is looking at Adam from behind Anthony.
Anthony’s back is showing a in a silhouette. It’s a little bit of a top angle,
with light falling only at Adam in his lighter clothes. This hints a lot
towards the future. That Anthony is a bit of a shady character while Adam is
just a nervous, easily intimidated person who doesn’t really want to get close.
After their little chat, Adam starts to leave, trembling nervously. There is
light only on his face, while Anthony’s head is shown from the back in a
silhouette. This shows more that Anthony is the darker character, the one being


2.      Anthony
stalks Adam’s wife: Now this scene starts with a real close up of Anthony’s
face behind a helmet where he watches Adam leave his house in his car, and his
wife starts walking on the sidewalk. There is a shot composed in a way where
Anthony’s helmet is showing from the back and blurred while Adam’s wife is
walking this way. It shows that she is the center of his attention right now
and not Adam. Then there’s the shot where Anthony is sitting on his bike in his
black jacket and red and black helmet, leaning forward towards the camera. The
camera is positioned at a low angle, making Anthony give out vibes of dominance
and confidence, possibly even an evil intent with the way he’s sitting and
dressed. The camera zooms in on him slowly. The camera follows Adam’s wife
after that, from behind at first as Anthony rides past her. Now that he’s
somewhere in front of her, the camera follows her from the front, signifying
that he is still watching her. As she passes by him, he starts following her on
foot, taking off his helmet. In this shot, he’s way behind her, in the corner
of the screen, while she is much closer to the camera. By now the audience will
know that he will stalk her all the way to wherever she is going, but will
remain at a distance as he is right now.

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