1. could earn back its’ trust of its fan

Given Sony’s
current situation, the first recommendation I would make to Hirai for the
future of the company is create a ‘Welcome Back’ customer appreciation program. This program
will allow the customers that have bought a PlayStation to receive games to keep
for free. As a result, Sony could earn back its’ trust of its fan base. PlayStation
users will also get virtual items in the system as a token of appreciation for
the support and patience that they have put in Sony.


The value of customer service cannot be
underestimated. A recent
study has shown that about 66% of consumers believe that customer service is
the biggest spending catalyst. Therefore,
Sony should personalize its’ customer services and experience. Actually, this point of view is the most significant point
of view. This action would
most likely to strengthen a better bond with the customer. As a service department, an employee can bond with the
customer in many profound ways.

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In order for Sony to remain competitive, Sony should
design products that customers desire. Although Sony products are generally very advanced and high
quality, the features provided do not seem necessary and satisfying in fulfilling
customer’s needs. For instance,
Sony could design their cameras to have larger labels so that it would be
easier to view. Besides that,
Sony can enhance the R&D organization to boost the future company’s profit significantly
such as develop an improved user interface design like the extension of the battery
storage of the product. Sony can also
improve their digital experience. For example, Sony can encourage homes and business companies
to adapt and implement the self-service system via online. Hence, it will give rise to a host of bane such as higher brand
loyalty, better customer experience, and more contribution to the company’s income.


Lastly, Sony should focus on local content to provide more
new business opportunities. It is
undeniable that Sony has put their eye on Western and Japanese markets. However, Sony seems to put lesser focus on the local market that
are much larger and demanding such as China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.