1. for mining.If you are not still convinced by

1.       Bitcoin Mining Shh! Wait, It is really possible.Many would ready disagree with me on
this topics. So I would once again define the term passive income “income that
is generated without any active participation. “Ya, it’s true that bitcoin and
altcoin (etherium) mining is quite difficult these days & you would need
specialised set of computers called the ASIC & mining ring. But once you
are all set with initial phase only slight maintaince & regular power
supply is necessary for mining.If you are not still convinced by
mining then for you I have an alternative i.e. cloud mining. In cloud mining you
don’t need any separate rig for mining, you can go with your normal pc with
shared processing over network for mining.To know more about cloud mining
Click How does Cloud mining Works?Once you earn any crypto currency
keep it as its market is constantly increasing over time. Take time to
understand market then sell it off when the time is optimum for you.Crypto currency Or the money of Future:The first and most wide spread crypto-currency
is Bitcoin. It was announced in late 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He preferred to
address bitcoin as “a peer – peer electronic cash system. ” He had built the
decentralised digital cash system which had faced many failed attempt in the
past.How does crypto currency work?The crypto currency like bitcoin
has a complete list of transaction been constantly broadcasted each moment world-wide.
Thus each and every peer is connected in the network has the complete data of
all transaction & the balance of every account.Whenever a crypto currency is transferred
from sender account to receiver account a specific confirmation code is
attached over it. This is where miners comes to play, these confirmation code
are generally mathematical problems which can be solved by only high
performance computers. In bitcoin SHA250 Hash algorithm is used as cryptograph.
Thus the miner get a commission for these solving each algorithm and completing
the transaction. The commission are in the form of bitcoin or in the same of crypto
currency which he mined.Crypto currency have gained world-wide
attention due to its secure, fast and worldwide transaction with the blanket of
anonymity. Huge amount of transaction are made in black market and in deep web
with the help of crypto currency.Finally, the revolutionary path of
digital currency is at your doorstep, it’s your choice to either to board it or
not. Many have turned to millionaires by this path, but still lies ahead a lot
of uncertainty and risk.