1. men get attracted towards women. This relationship is

title of the research:

Marriage of LGBTQ people to Heterosexuals in the media

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Purpose of the study:

The purpose of the study is to understand the ratio of the marriage
between the LGBTQ people and Heterosexuals, especially
in the context of media and arts industry. The ratio
of these marriages in the traditional countries
is needed to be evaluated because it will
help to understand the rate of the marriages
between them in the past and currently. The LGBTQ people are called with many
names such as gay, whereas, heterosexual people are the normal people.  The purpose of this study is to evaluate the
increment between these two genders
especially in the field of the media

The rate of marriages between the given two genders is increasing in the
developed and developing countries, therefore, it requires the attention of the government. This research will
present the importance of the opposite sex marriage in the media industry, and
the reason behind their marriages.

of the study:

This research study will be based on following research objectives:

To understand which gender of the two (LGBTQ and Heterosexuals) mostly
get attracted towards the opposite gender.

To evaluate how the interested person approaches the opposite gender for
getting married in the media field.

To analyze the rate of marriages
between LGBTQ and Heterosexuals in the media field.

To understand the concept that lies behind passing in these two genders.

Research questions:

What are the difficulties faced by the LGBT’s in their life related to
the marriage?

Is it necessary for LGBT’s working
in media, arts and performance industry to get married in order
to survive?

of study:

GLBT or GLBT are the commonly used terms in the world for the gender
that belongs to gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender. The LGBT people are not considered as the normal human being in terms of the sexual relationships (Dean, 2014). The term
heterosexual is used for the normal people that spent the normal life. Moreover, heterosexuality is the
term that is used for the attraction
towards the opposite gender such as men get attracted towards women. This
relationship is based on romantic behavior between the people, and this term
belongs to the sexual orientation category (Norton & Herek, 2013).

Recently, the presumption in the modern cultures is noticed in the marriage culture between the heterosexuals and
gay men and lesbians including media and arts industry.  It is necessary for LGBT
to get married for continuing their growth in a country. Therefore, they need to continue
the lifecycle by marrying a person. This
relationship was not common in the 20th
century. However, the recent increment in
the sexual relationship between these two genders is a noticeable factor
(Hayfield et al., 2014). The resumption in the heterosexuality in the recent times
is noticed in the various countries and cultures that often makes the passing
an easy option for the gay men and lesbians, especially in the casual and
public locations (Hatzenbuehler
et al., 2014). Since the homosexuality is assumed successful, the gay men and
the lesbians are found to spend their lives without getting married and passing straight in their whole
life. The lesbians that are intentional
also sometimes pass straight because they
are unable to find someone to have sex with (Olatunji et al., 2017).

In many parts of the world, practicing
heterosexuality is considered a compulsory
task, such as in the USA it is compulsory (Hald et al., 2013). The marriage
concept in the developed countries is now strongly
encouraged because the youth population
in those countries is not growing, thereby the population in the countries is mostly comprising of the old
people, that cannot run the country. To be specific, the pressure to marry in
the developed countries is increasing with the passage of time, because the
people in those countries are not going towards developing
the long-term relationships (Peixoto, & Nobre, 2016). This research will
also try to develop an understanding of
the decreasing marriage rate and increasing sex rate in various traditional


The research methodology that will be
used in this research will be based
on a critical literature review by making
use of the relevant articles that are relevant to the research objectives. Moreover, the research
will also try to develop the understanding of decreasing marriage rates and
increasing sex rates in the media and film industry. The research approach will
be based on qualitative data supported by
the views of the authors and newspaper articles of authentic sources. Each
research objective will be evaluated individually for presenting clear results.
The research articles will be selected
from the ‘Google Scholar’ website supported by in-text citations. The articles relevant to the research will only be selected for the research. Additionally, the research philosophy will be critical
realism approach as it helps to compare the reviews of the scholars and newspapers
to present the general results. The research population will be between 10-15
research articles between 2013-2017 time frame.