1. on the other hand, enterprises could get better

1.      The
Executives Need to Accurately Grasp the Market Trend

the era of rapid development of science and technology, the replacement speed
of products as well as service was expanding rapidly. All customer needs, even
the core needs organizations were most acquainted with, would definitely
change. Therefore, enterprises should keep close to customers, and tried their
best to study them, take the change trend of their demands and satisfy them. Keep
in mind not to utilize the old marketing data, even though they have been
proven viable in the most recent years, they might not be able to resonate with
the current customers. Just like the mobile phone industry, consumer demand for
mobile phones has shifted from functionality and durability to intelligence and
entertaining, thus strengthening the phone’s hardware facilities like Nokia was
wrong, on the contrary, it should seek to develop and improve the software, the
focus should also be shifted from the call quality to the number of the
applications and simplicity of operation. Consumers demand and desire is the
subjective feeling to consumption, and could be effected by a lot of factors,
such as the characteristics of the products itself, service quality, brand
influence, the affordability, the market trends, etc., so it would be extremely
difficult to determine which one was more important. This required all companies
to always stand in a leading position of the times, follow the market trends,
have an insight into the changes happened in the entire consumer market. On the
one hand, enterprises can acquire the general situation of the past consumer
demand through access to second-hand information about the development of the
industry; on the other hand, enterprises could get better understanding of
market changes through market research to obtain the latest first-hand data of
trends in consumer demand changes.

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