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 1.  Do a little online research on the utilization of imaging technologies of Chevron.  Briefly explain how it has helped Chevron find new gas and oil reservoirs and how it functions.  At the year 2014 Chevron’s seismic imaging technologies helped to the enterprise to attain an investigation discovery in the speed of 66 percent.  From 80 years’ energy organizations are currently using imaging technologies.  Imaging will help you to create high definition pictures of geology.  It provides exactly the same effect as X-ray medical or scan sonogram that captures tens of thousands of square miles and it extends to 10 kilometers or over that in the earth.  The program is constantly advancing that’s using to examine this graphics and innovative computers today able to the scientists to analyze data within a few days rather than months and it’s speeding the detection and large production in gas and oil.  The graphics are revealing reservoir in different amount of depletion and it’s helping oil engineers to boost recovery and create resources increasingly better. Do some online research on safety vulnerabilities related to SCADA and electronic industrial management systems.  Summarize the significant security issues related to these systems and measures than could be obtained to boost their safety.   Now SCADA is confronting issues cyber attacks because of following:1.       Deficiency of observation is among those issues and it’s tough to detect suspicious activity wihout busy network.2.       SCADA is significantly more sophisticated also they’re fresh to more vulnerable strikes.  Slower updates triggers for keeping firmware and software updates may be inconvenient.3.       Not able to comprehend visitors is among those reasons, as supervisors cannot learn which sort of traffic is happening the community and they can simply tell about the potentials threats and they’re unable to spot the specific threat.  Steps to enhance enhance SCADA1.       Disconnecting the unnecessary networks as any link on network pose a new security hazard on the community.2.       Some elderly SCADA programs don’t have safety attributes.  Implementing security attributes that are supplied by system or device vendors will help keep more protected the SCADA.3.       Identifying cyber securities demands should be compulsory to the companies and organizations.  Businesses and organizations will organized safety program with essential requirements and they need to allow employees to held liable.Chat – 3.  Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of transferring enterprise-wide applications which happen to be supported on assumptions to the cloud.              Experts:-1.       Cloud computing will help to set up company in a quicker manner, as don’t require many physical apparatus without a massive investment.  On cloud it’s likely to prepare infrastructure according to the company demand.2.        Quick production is just one of those key of cloud.  As lots of the data and applications transferred to cloud and it’s seen that execution and implementation time has arrived down to moments. 3.        Among the benefit isn’t a requirement of funding expenditure.  If you’re out of distance from the data centre or if your software have been outgrown the infrastructure, then the ideal choice is cloud.  Cloud computing is enabling a business to move from funding to operational expenses in the case of do or die. Disadvantages:-1.       Could be just one of those reason of terrible app functionality.  Public cloud may create a few problems of functionality of program because of network latency into consideration.2.       Privacy and Security is the only one of this concern yourself.  The distant cloud established infrastructure, basically company keep away confidential information and data the things that are confidential and sensitive.  The support suppliers reliability is extremely critical.3.       Restricted flexibility and control is obviously on cloud as services and applications are distant.  Users and companies have limited management and implementation on hardware and applications.Chat — 4.    For sites necessary login credentials are needed and they’re requesting authentication to get their services.  Authentication is coping with identifying the consumer, access limitations to specific sites and articles on net.  Federated recognize system is providing users the capability to take care of accounts  across various domains.SSO is the component of federated identify methods that manages the authentication part.  It is only concern is setting an identity of consumer and share exactly the exact same information with every subsystems who needs information.Server-Based intranet services capable one to incorporate many systems and applications in the business environment.  These systems and applications may require different authentication and credentials.  Enterprise single sign in a position to user to attach with front end and back end programs in the ventures only with the 1 set of credentials.  Extranet enables access to resources online by suing only set of user credentials.  User receives credentials to log to unique sites that are belongs to the various associations.Chat — 5.    Why can it be rising most significant for a CIO or IT executive who manages geographically distributed business networks to become company literate?   CIO or IT executive want to induce an investigation and reengineering of current business procedures, also they will need to identify and harnessing the ventures knowledge tools.  The main job of CIO and IT executive would be identify and growing the capacity of newly available resources.  In contemporary organizations CIO have to be skilled with operational company with the technical abilities.  Just with a technical abilities aren’t sufficient in todays IT world.CIO’s role would be to provide true vision too providing leadership to creating execute the IT projects that are requirement for the company.  To decrease CIO’s stress appointing company managers for certain job could help CIO to conduct the company and it might help a whole lot to CIO.Corporate leaders consistently will come with high hopes and they need change in and develop to live international competition.Chevron’s utilization of seismic imaging technologieshttps://www.chevron.com/Stories/seismic-imagingSCADA http://patriot-tech.com/blog/2015/10/27/common-scada-system-threats-and-vulnerabilities/https://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/oeprod/DocumentsandMedia/21_Steps_-_SCADA.pdfhttp://www.networkworld.com/article/2268032/cloud-computing/cloud-computing–pros-and-cons.htmlhttps://www.javacodegeeks.com/2013/04/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-cloud-computing-cloud-computing-pros-and-cons.htmlEnterprise networks to become company literate?  http://graphics.eiu.com/ebf/PDFs/GTF_article_1_September_06_FINAL.pdfCQ??