1. to full obligations. The altered obligations won’t ordinarily

1.    An
employee who has been off for 2 months with a stress-related ailment has just
contacted you, indicating that she would like to return to work next week but
won’t be able to work full time for another month or so. How would you handle
this situation?


A Return to Work Program is
intended to help sick representatives to make an early and safe come back to
their consistent obligations. It is a brief measure that is proposed to conquer
any hindrance amongst damage and come back to full obligations. The altered
obligations won’t ordinarily last longer than twelve weeks. I appoint her back
if she is sudden and accidental suffered from event arising out of and in the
course of her employment. There are certain aspects that we consider like her
previous work performance, medical report and employee appoint at the position
of her if I hired a contractor for a certain period it is easy for me to
terminate contractor and appoint her back. I am scheduling working hours for
one month to provide her proper accommodation. The worker is in charge of
keeping the administrator informed regarding any adjustments in his or her
physical condition. At the point when conceivable the worker should talk or
meet with the chief after his or her therapeutic or wellbeing arrangements.
Meet with the returning worker toward the begin and end of the primary move to
audit and talk about any worries the worker may have. 

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2. A supervisor has just approached you to
indicate a concern she has with an employee. The supervisor indicates that the
employee is often surfing the Internet while at work and fears that not only is
this affecting productivity negatively, but is also a violation of the
company’s rules for Internet surfing using a company computer. The supervisor
would like you to ask the IT team to investigate how many hours a day are
logged to non-work –related activities for that employee and also ask for a
list of websites that the employee visits. What is the role of privacy
legislation from the employer and employee perspectives? What additional
information would you need to make a decision about next steps? What
recommendations can you make to the supervisor to deal with the situation in
the short term?

Employers have an obligation
to protect employee’s personal records any information except name, title,
telephone number and address is considered as personal information. Legislation
in Canada requires that personal information used for an administrative purpose
be an exact, up to date and complete as possible. Only authorized persons
should have access to employee data. I apply company policies, for example, can
physically limit access to computers to only those who will not compromise
security. This involves limitation entrance to a property, a building, or a
room. I have some suggestions to tackle this problem. Create a solid internet
and email policy that provides employees with clear expectations about the
employer’s stance on personal time online at work. Train managers and
supervisors about how to establish and maintain the expectations and policies
of your workplace. Train them to presume when an employee might be abusing
internet time or sites at work. Developing a working environment in which employee’s
self-monitor personal online time at work is a very powerful approach.IT
department had been clear guidance and training to observe