1. with an additional capacity of 14 million twenty-foot

1.      Discuss the potential reasons for the selected
port achieving the ranking among the top ten ports in the world.

Why we are
selected the Singapore port is better than others. Singapore is a small country
and that area is just 716km2 and population approximately 5567000 but
among the world Singapore is most economical development country .how is it
possible to Singapore so Singapore used the country’s resources in maximum
level. The largest sovereign city state.

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Singapore is a world busiest port the
Port of Singapore offers connectivity to over 600 ports in 123 countries. It is the largest publicly owned port in the world. The
expansion will add 16 berths with an additional capacity of 14 million
twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). It will increase the total capacity of the
port to around 50 million TEUs. The expansion is scheduled to be complete by

She port controls around 1-5 of
global container throughput. The terminals controlled 25.86 million 20 TEUs
units of containers, 471.4 million tons of cargo and one million passengers in
2009. A total of 130,575 vessels arrived at the port the same year.

Annually, more than 140,000 ships call at Singapore. Singapore GDP
grew 8.6% annually on average between 1965 and 1999 and real capita GDP grew
eightfold from $4000 to $32000+ Maritime and port Authority (MPA) of Singapore.
They have approximately 140,000 vessels call at the port of Singapore, 19,000
container ships, 21400 tankers and 12200 bulk carriers.

The port is used with 204 quay cranes. Each operator
can handle six cranes with the help of remote controlled bridge cranes. The
quay cranes have twin-lift capability and can outreach across 22 rows of

So Singapore
ports are help to their GDP growth and Singapore mainly focuses their port .And
another reasons are focusing Singapore port in our discussion. According to the
LinkedIn details

World’s second busiest port

World’s business hub of transshipment traffic

World’s biggest bunkering hub

Ranked first globally in terms of container

Unloaded 2001 containers in 9 hours and 51

Singapore ports are best among the countries.