10 about 3% of the world’s population that do

famous people who barely sleep

There is nothing like a good night’s
sleep. This is one of those phrases that is considered cliché yet it is very
true and very factual. Who needs sleep when you need to grind and get ‘enough’
money to live a nice, comfortable life? Well, if you want to be as productive
in your grind and perform well, then you need enough sleep.

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However, there are people; about 3% of
the world’s population that do not think sleep is just that important. Doctors
recommend that human beings should rest or sleep for at least 8 hours every
day. Truth be told, most people rarely get to sleep the 8 hours especially in
the 21st Century.

Here are some of the famous people whose
bodies have been accustomed to less hours of sleep; some ultimately live on



Tesla who
was an engineer and inventor of AC electricity did not in any way fancy sleep. He is said to have slept
for only two to three hours in a day. This is not a habit that he grew into as
an adult; No, he started his poor sleeping habit as a young boy of about eleven
years old. By the time Tesla was turning twenty five, his sleeping disorder led
to a lot of issues in his life. He however, adopted power naps during the day
‘to recharge his batteries’ as he called it; as a way of compensating his
sleeping troubles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla


As a young boy, Tesla instead of
sleeping at night, locked himself in his room and spent his time reading the
books on his father’s shelves. This made him knowledgeable and probably a
genius too, alright but ended up affecting his life in general. While at the
University, Tesla’s professors became concerned about his sleeping habits and
even warned his father about it. More interesting however, is that Tesla
dropped out of college due to his gambling addiction through which he lost his
tuition fee and later suffered a nervous breakdown, which was only the first!
Tesla loved walking as a physical activity.




the early inventors, Albert Einstein is known to have valued sleep more. It is
recorded that Albert slept for ten hours at night which is more than the normal
8 hours recommended for sleep by doctors. As if the 10 hours were not enough,
Einstein is also said to have had power naps during the day. One would be
tempted to then ask, “When did he get the time to make the various inventions?”
He was a genius people; a genius! It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to call him
‘the genius sleeper!’


also ensured that he was physically active. One of his favorite physical
activities was walking, which he said stimulated his creative thinking.
Something he had in common with Tesla. Einstein however, loved his carbohydrates
with spaghetti being one of his favorite dishes. He was also a pipe smoker;
clearly he enjoyed life in moderation. Later on, Albert Einstein became a
vegetarian with a note to his friend Max Kariel saying, “I have always eaten animal flesh with a somewhat
guilty conscience.” 




Edison hated sleep; to him it was a waste of time. No wonder he invented the
light bulb! Edison like Tesla practiced the polyphasic sleep. He slept for four
to five hours every night. Edison said that people over do what they like
doing; people overeat and oversleep one hundred percent which makes them
inefficient and unhealthy!


light bulb enabled Edison to work extra hours at night. He however, took power
naps but did not consider them as sleep. Edison took his naps in odd spaces and
probably this is why he did not consider the naps as sleep, plus he was
probably just meditating on his inventions.


to Edison the walking and standing he did in the laboratory was enough physical
activity for him. It is however evident from some of his quotes that he tried
to take care of his body by eating well. Thomas Edison was on a milk diet
because as at that time, milk was believed to be the cure of all diseases.
Edison however suffered from diabetes.






Marie Curie

Marie curie is a celebrated Nobel Prize
winner (twice in two distinctive fields) but more importantly she is celebrated
for breaking gender barriers in the world of science in her lifetime. She was
the first woman to get a PhD in a French University and also the first woman
that was employed as professor at the University of Paris.

Curie, the radiography pioneer and
physicist was a workaholic especially during her studies. Sleep was not on her
priority list. She passed out severally due to exhaustion in the library. Marie
Curie did not know the dangers of radiation and while she was conducting her
radiation research, she always slept with a container of radium by her bedside.
Curie died due to exposure to radium.

Winston Churchill

Apart from sleeping naked, Winston
Churchill slept two times in a day. He slept between three in the morning to
eight in the morning and he had a nice two hour power nap in the afternoon.
Churchill considered his sleep time a recharge opportunity for him to maintain
calmness and sanity during stressful times.



queen of pop as she is popularly known sleeps for only four hours. Madonna who
is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman and actress says she suffers from
insomnia, a problem she has had since she was a young girl as a result of the
death of her mouth.

who is a workaholic says she does not understand people who wake up after
twelve noon or people who sleep for twelve hours since she did not get to enjoy
this even as a child. She loves keeping lists and every hour of her time is
planned out with an activity. Her brother jokes that she would be an excellent
prison manager. https://marriedbiography.com/famed-singer-madonnas-struggles-ocd-insomnia-gay-brother-christopher-say-sisters-insomnia/


George Clooney

famous actor who has been nominated twice for Oscar admits that he suffers from
insomnia. Clooney has tried to fight off loneliness by taking alcohol and he
has even tried cocaine. George says that he goes to bed at 10:00pm but all he
does is toss and toss till midnight and even wakes up to five times in one
night. What a torture for the poor guy! However, during one of those times, he
wrote one of the most memorable scenes for one of his movies. 


Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of PepsiCo is one of the most prominent female executive who
holds a very prestigious job in a prestigious company. Nooyi sleeps for only
four hours every night. Being a CEO and chairperson of an international company
is definitely not a joke.

Nooyi however is no stranger to long
working hours; she worked as a receptionist while pursuing her masters at Yale
before getting her job at PepsiCo in 2007.


Barack Obama

The former USA president slept at one in
the morning and woke up at seven in the morning; six hours of sleep every
single day. At times he got les hours of sleep especially in matters of crisis
when he was needed to deliberate on important issues or make urgent decisions.


Narendra Modi

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi
only sleeps for three and a half hours. Modi works for 20 hours every day. He
however says that when he goes to bed, he falls asleep very fast; within thirty
seconds. He also says that he sleeps soundly and thus rests enough.


Your body will act in accordance to
how you have trained it. If you sleep for fewer hours over a period of time,
your body will most likely get programmed to sleep for that number of hours.


It is however important to always
remember that every machine, including your body needs good rest and checkup if
it is to perform to maximum levels.  Your
body works in a similar manner to a PC, or a machine in a factory somewhere.
The same way your laptop needs sometime to cool down and relax its blades and fan,
is the same your body operates. Human beings need enough rest for their bodies
to perform exceptionally well. Sleep helps to boost the immune system, heals
damaged cells, and helps in recharging the cardiovascular system including the
heart. Good sleep equals your wellbeing.