I was an
Intern in GP Accelerator, which was under the Department of Transformation’s
Managing Director Division. My responsibilities and tasks were based on the
projects that GPA had during those three-months period. The batch 4 startups
were already on board when I joined. So, during my entire internship period, I
only worked for the 5 startups of batch 4- MARS, Amar Uddog, Avijatrik, AlterYouth,
Foodtong. When I entered GPA, the team was already working on an upcoming event,
which was an exhibition to showcase the batch 4 startups. So I was immediately
instructed to start working on that project.

In the initial days of my internship, my basic
responsibilities were simple but it evolved as the time passed. My tasks
changed based on the events that we were preparing for.

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GPA Batch 4 Startup Exhibition

In order
to showcase the five unique businesses of batch four, GPA arranged a 2-day long
exhibition inside GPHouse on 25th and 26th of October.

The core purpose of this exhibition was to attract the internal people of Grameenphone.

Though there were guests invited from outside on the second day. My task was to
send invitation to the internal employees of Grameenphone, which included the
CEO himself. I also wrote the Facebook content for the event. I prepared the subtitles
for the video, which was filmed on that day. I also interviewed Michael Foley,
CEO of Grameenphone and Kazi Mahboob Hassan, Chief Transformation Officer of
Grameenphone during their visit to the exhibition. Then I had to write a PR by
extracting data from those interviews.