11/9/175th multi-sport competitor, playing soccer for the first time

  11/9/175th HourSports StoryShoot your Shot Everyone’s observing you; the benches are full of opposing fans and a load of school spirit. This atmosphere makes most people extremely nervous, but for others no pressure is felt. For junior Ahmed Eltahir, this was the situation. He took matters in his own hand as he led the Varsity soccer team to a 2-0 win against Novi away. He was playing center forward alone and racked up a goal and an assist.         “It was fun scoring my first goal of the season,” Eltahir said. “I wanted to show the coach that I had something to offer to this team and this was the perfect time and place for me to do this.”         Previously being a multi-sport competitor, playing soccer for the first time in 9th grade, added a new component to Eltahir’s life, according to him. At a certain time, his day involved of early swim practice, after school football practice, and evening soccer practice. He said that soccer and basketball use up most of his time, but the affection for these two sports is bigger than just the game.         ¨I dove into the sport of soccer because I wanted to follow into my father’s footsteps,” Eltahir said. ¨I didn’t know I’d like the sport as much as I did however.¨ He tried out for the high school soccer squads and made the Junior Varsity team as a sophomore. For playoff games, the soccer star was pulled up to varsity. Eltahir participated in the first round of districts against Lapeer. “The people who get pulled up for the Varsity team are usually only there to come on for injured players. With Ahmed it was different, he was an amazing player who could compete on all levels,” senior Chase Clark said. Though he only played for a minimal amount of time, Eltahir said that he was excited and anxious for his first game. The key motive for this is because he didn’t want to make a mistake.        According to senior Yezen Anabtawi, this year’s soccer team shared a much stronger bond than last year’s team. This togetherness and connection was mostly because of the love the upperclassmen had for the underclassmen like Eltahir. The Wizard of Oz Review The Wizard of Oz, directed by Victor Fleming and released in 1939, is a classic movie containing legendary actors. These actors include Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Margaret Hamilton, Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, and many others.The film is centralized about Dorothy Gale, a young teenage woman from Kansas, that shares a great connection with her dog, Toto. When Dorothy and Toto flee from their home, they conclude that it’s not smart to return. Out of nowhere, a tornado brings Dorothy, and her family, neighbors, and dogs into a random new area. “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy states representing that something had occurred. Dorothy desires nothing further than to head home.To fulfill her desire, she must trail the yellow brick road. On her voyage down this road, she encounters colleagues and wickedness.During this expedition, Dorothy acquires a great amount of lessons and becomes a risk-taker. The storyline is not hard to keep an eye on, but it has several openings for the abstract mind. A key message that Dorothy discovers is that things aren’t constantly as they appear to be. Dorothy needed to travel home and she believed the Wizard of Oz and ruby shoes would get her to her destination, but that wasn’t the situation. It is thrilling to observe becauseit leads you speculating if she will ever arrive at her home.Even though the film is moderately old-fashioned, the visuals and aerobatics are unusually progressive for its era. For example, when the wicked witch departures the act she is enclosed by infernos and red smoke. This is a graphic that is extraordinary and different. Also, the ruby shoes differentiated with the yellow brick road for more photographic emphasis. These are a few instances that exemplify the illustrations being very ahead of its time.         The Wizard of Oz was more than graphically appealing; the melodies were entertaining,catchy jingles. The lyrics and reiteration in the music enhanced another component that retained the spectator’s attentiveness. One of the first songs, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, was a song that set the tone for the whole movie. Because the movie encompasses a great plot, excellent visuals, and wonderful melodies, it’s a terrific film for all kinds of people.