2.1 travellers. According to ‘the local SE’ it is

2.1 analysis of the target groupAs I mentioned earlier in chapter one, our chosen target group are single Swedish women. There are approximately 830.000 thousands single Swedish women in Sweden according to statistics sweden, of which many are active online. Our target group spends approximately 8 hours a week online, and the most often used social media channel is Facebook. (Social media usage in Sweden, Statista) Iinkedin, twitter and instagram are also popular social media channels. Although the internet is very popular in Sweden the television is just a popular in usage. And other media channels that are used often are the radio and the daily newspaper.When booking something, most people choose to do so online nowadays. Booking.com, transportstyrelsen.se and flygresor.se are the most favorable websites in Sweden. For swedes, recommendations from friends and family or reviews seen on social media are important in the decision making process whether to book it or not. The leading e-commerce player is eTRAVELI that sells travel products in the Nordic region. Among the Swedes this a popular e-commerce player. When organising their trip Swedes like to organise their own trip instead of a package deal.Outbound Swedish travelers mostly prefer to travel by plane. Because airlines have expanded their airline destinations and a higher flight capacity. The prices for a flight ticket will decrease which will cause an increase in more frequent travel possibilities for Swedish outbound travellers. According to ‘the local SE’ it is not a surprise that Swedes like to go on a holidays with sunny and warm climates. They travel to warm and sunny climates in the summer and of course during the cold and harsh winter. Swedes are adventurous and like the outdoors, snow sports. But according to ‘the EC’s 2014 flash Eurobarometer 392 the main purpose for a holiday were wellness, health and spa treatments for nearly a quarter of the swedes’. The same amount said that culture was the main reason for their holiday.As shown in figure 1, around 80% of the Swedish women is employed and of which 50% have a full-time job (38 hours). The other 50% that does not work full-time has mostly a reason. The number one reason for working part-time is because they can not find suitable full-time work, do not want to work full-time or due to illness. But we are mainly focusing on full-time workers. The average income for women is SEK 237.000. Their income has almost increased with 15% since 2011. Due to good job security, the relatively high incomes and the swedish economy, outbound travel is affordable for many people. Another reason for Swedes to travel is because of the high living cost in sweden travelling can be comparatively low. Swedish travellers position value higher than money when booking and also at the destination itself. Therefore Swedish travellers are strongly attracted to hotel accommodation while their vacation and in specific luxury hotels by a significant amount of Swedish travellers. They are willing to to spent more in exchange for quality and service, nonetheless an all-inclusive pricing is also popular.