Me as A Future LeaderWhat is Leadership? leadership to me is a word that is defined by many actions. Leadership is about being a good representative who speaks out loud on behalf of the group responsible for. It also includes being: a good listener, an active team player, patient, a problem solver and finally, not being afraid of listening to opposing opinions and being open to constructive criticism. These are some of the skills and traits I must have and will work hard to achieve in order to become the leader I want.During my years of university education and as a student in an international university, I will get to deal with some of the concepts I am not used to, such as: diversity. This opens the door for me to practice my role as a global leader. Being part of assignment or project groups and also part of campus’ clubs- precisely robotics, computer science and TEDx clubs- is how I will enrich my leadership skills by taking the chance to lead my team to success by: listening to all their notions, making a plan that suits all and working with each one to get over the problems that can be faced.After graduation, my leadership abilities and skills will have improved after putting them in application for four years in an environment that had taught me a lot more about leadership. I am willing to pursue my career as a professor- after I get my PhD-.This sort of career will give me the chance to affect the leaders of tomorrow by inspiring them as their professor. In addition to that I am desirous to have my own software company with a team to lead to our common aim. My concept as a leader is to have my positive influence in people’s lives.All in all, leading people is by affecting them to bring out the best of themselves. I envision my leadership role in the future as helping people to get to their dreams and goals. The MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders is my chance to improve my leadership skills and to have my own fingerprint in this world.