Doctor starts performing C-section, realises baby is premature and stitches mum up again

An expectant mother is battling for her life in hospital after a surgeon performed a C-section before realising the baby was several months premature and stitched her back up.

The operation was carried out by senior physician Dr AK Biswas at Karimganj Civil Hospital.

For reasons which remain unclear he carried out the operation more than three months before the mum was due to give birth on December 9.

Seconds after making the incision and realising his error he stitched her up before she was later sent home to recuperate.

She is now recovering in hospital.

Dr Biswas claims the family asked him to carry out the operation, but did not explain why.

He said: “I knew that the expected date was in December but we do premature surgeries in complicated cases.

“The pain was severe and her family members asked me to go ahead with the surgery. “During the operation, I realised that the foetus was not mature, so I stitched it back up.”

The hospital has convened a seven-strong team to investigate the incident.

The patient is said to have been sent home ten days after the botched op but when her health deteriorated returned to hospital.

Local reports say the doctor has offered to pay for the treatment.

The hospital says everyone connected to the incident – including the woman and her family – will be interrogated in the coming months.