Dad’s food poisoning fear after biting into ‘green’ egg in McDonalds breakfast

A dad-of-three was left horrified after biting into a “bit of green” egg in his bacon and egg McMuffin from McDonald’s.

Andrew Connor, 43, from Liscard, had treated his three young daughters and two step sons to a meal from the fast food chain when he spotted the discolouring after unwrapping his muffin.

He then opened up his bun to find the green was covering substantial amount of his egg, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Andrew said: “I’d seen a hint of green on the side because of the way the bun was skewed. I checked it and the rest of them and they all had this green stuff on them.

“The first thing that came to my head when I saw it was food poisoning. You look at it and you’re worried if someone eats this they’re going to get poisoned. You’re worried they’re going to get ill and get a stomach upset.

“As soon as you see green it isn’t right is it? Alarm bells went off.

“Everything went into the bin right then. But my stepson had bit into his, which was disgusting and I told him to stop when I realised.”

After binning the meal Andrew called the delivery service, JustEat, he had ordered from to explain his dissatisfaction who told him to contact the council.

Later that morning (Saturday, August 20) Andrew then contacted McDonald’s customer services, who, after asking him for proof of payment and a photo of the meal, said the “green” was not mould, or from bad hygiene in-store, but rather a product of how the eggs were cooked.

Andrew accepted the explanation but couldn’t understand how Liscard McDonald’s, where he ordered the meal from and which has a food hygiene rating of five, could follow such poor standards of food presentation.

He said: “I’m not a chef or anything like that, I can barely make a piece of toast. But I definitely know that the food shouldn’t have been green.

“If anything it needs to have a presentation to it. It shouldn’t have green stuff all over it. I don’t care what your reasons are, you don’t send green egg McMuffins out.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told the ECHO: “At McDonald’s all the eggs we use across our breakfast menu are freshly cracked, cooked and served in a short space of time, meaning it is simply not possible for us to serve eggs that are mouldy.

“Discolouration when cooking eggs is caused by a natural reaction between the hydrogen sulphide in the egg white and the iron in the yolk.

“We apologise that the customer was not fully satisfied with his experience and understand that he has been in contact with our delivery partners and received a refund.”