At the beginning of the book Anne Frank starts out as a caved little girl bored out of her
mind. She doesnt enjoy much of what she does hiding in the top of a house. She
always bothered people and annoyed them. After a while she understood why they
wee there and why they couldn’t go anywhere. She soon matures and stays out of
peoples’ way.


their arrival at the annex, she is hopeful and optimistic, but over time, you
can see that hopeful optimism disintegrate into loneliness, isolation, and deep
thinking. This very young girl, who entered the annex a bit silly and
definitely hormonal and was quick to challenge and argue with the other

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Anne soon started to have feelings towards Peter Van Dan who
lived upstairs from her in the Annex. At first Anne didn’t really feel that
Peter would be much company, but once she starts hanging out with him more they
both had a connection with one another. She was kind of scared to go up to
where he is because she would basically be alone with him. She was nervous
because of her father’s approval.


Lastly, Anne’s relationship with her parents. To her dad
Anne was his little girl who would understand and forgive Anne if she does any
bad. Her mother was a different story, Anne would always fight with her mother
in a young, teenage girl’s typical fashion. Over time Anne matures and starts
to understand her mother better.


That is how Anne changes during the beginning of the diary
to the end of the diary.