India is a developing nation and has many infrastructure
challenges with limited funding resources. It is my firm belief that if the
principles of construction management are extended in construction industry, it
would result in an overall profitable, safer, economical, qualitative and
speedy construction. There is a dire need to implement innovative construction
projects applying quality assuring construction techniques that would improve
standard of living of people. Keeping in mind the complexities involved in
achieving this I am constantly seeking out opportunities to learn how to
contribute to this long term goal of mine. This is one of the main reasons why
I was interested in construction management. I want to see myself as a
remarkable contributor in the construction field, which would be for the
betterment of society.

I feel that construction is the field which requires lot
of patience, perseverance and management skills to be successful. My strategy
for a graduate study will therefore be a prolonged one where I shall be
consolidating my knowledge in a more specialized way and acquire the skills
required to develop and refine
scientific ideas and hypotheses. By the end of my graduate program I
expect myself to understand the total
project process including; concept, design, procurement, construction and
delivery of the functioning project. The constructor’s professional
responsibility as a leader and member of a multi-disciplinary team, working in
diverse  environments, assessing risks, and showing definitive progress,
all while maintaining priorities in safety, sustainability, purpose, business
and societal issues. More importantly I would like to be a specialist in
construction productivity improvement and infrastructure asset management and I
seek to do research with the aim of developing cheap and sustainable building materials
suitable for developing economies which would help solve the problem of limited

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Getting an in-depth
knowledge of the complete project process assists us to analyze the problems
being faced in construction field in a critical way and helps us to get an
innovative solution. I firmly
believe that pursuing my graduation from ASU will further inspire and encourage
me towards my goal and definitely give direction to my pursuits of becoming a
successful construction professional in the future so that I can serve my
countrymen and develop backward areas like the place where I come from which
were plenty in India.