5. of Japan’s Seven-Eleven system in America is also

5. Using Seven-Eleven as a place of inventory of goods as well as place of goods by customers as a drop off in the nearest area on online delivery system is the concept that 7dream applies. This concept led to the great success of 7dream because from the results of surveys conducted on customers that collected from the case study, they prefer to take the goods they buy in the Seven-Eleven area nearby and shipped with this way rather than delivered directly to the home address. It also can push the cost delivery package with lower than it does, yet there are also some consideration with this delivering system where the possibility of customers not picking up the goods as soon as possible which is lead to the using up the storage space in there and it needs necessity pretty much place for the package that are not offset by Seven Eleven store capacity. In terms of supply chain perspective, Japan is slightly more successful than in America.Since Japan apply a system or concept that use delivery network and frequency of Seven Eleven visitors and it ensure that the bundles are not involving significant store rack space for quite a while and frequent customer visits to Seven Eleven keep the goods on the inventory quickly taken. Use of this existing network in addition to reducing cost is also a point of 7dream success in Japan. This is probably not happened in the United States of America due to the cultural differences and traditions of society. 6. Implementation of Japan’s Seven-Eleven supply chain structure to Seven Eleven America can be done but will not be exactly the same as its supply chain structure because the supply chain structure of USA can never be precise as Japan. There will be many handicaps encountered when implementing the Japanese Seven-Eleven supply chain in America due to differences in organizational culture in both regions and most likely supply chain will not run normally. Other than that, there is additionally a distinction amongst Japanese and American tradition and Seven-Eleven is not just a company that dominates the American region like Japan but there are still companies like Seven-Eleven which likewise rule in the American zone. This is what affects the level of supply chain success depends on many factors.Yet, the implementation of Japan’s Seven-Eleven system in America is also possible despite of the transportation level in America and Japan is different but it has proven to be a real success in Japan. Hybrid system can be done to adjust the system, which has been done in some areas in America.7. Pros: The advantage of having an outsourced distributor that replenish the stores is at the cost. It decreased costs required for material or item transportation and representative financing of labor cost for the distribution system. This also greatly affects incredibly influences the plan of the manufactured framework, since it enables the organization to quicken the stream of items, operations, funds and the absence of any third party intervention.Cons: The most troublesome first thing from outsourced distributors is the loss of full control of the flow of products, operations, and assets. And furthermore the troublesome of integration of systems that have been built before by the company.