Climate change
has been a growing concern in the past century and, according to John Cook et
al.(2016), more than 97% of climate scientists agree that anthropogenic forces/factors have
increased its speed; and this could lead to inter and intra national conflicts
all over the world as it applies pressure on natural resources and enhances natural

The aim of this essay is to detail/list/address
the primary ways in which climate change can be/is a major cause of violent
conflict and examine what/which
solutions governments could/should
take into consideration to slow down the/those/these terrible consequences.

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with the rise of sea levels and storm surges and the inadequate precautions/safety measures/response
of governments; the melting of (Arctic) glaciers(with a particular interest in
the Arctic ones) and its social and political consequences; the changing in
precipitation patterns and its importance in geopolitical relations(especially
for India and China); finally going through the unsustainable use of energy and
water resources (too often improperly associated with overpopulation) and their


This essay
is therefore going to try to/and
demonstrate that climate change is affecting international relations and is
often cause of violent conflict, but with the right measures it is possible to
prevent the worst and look into creating stable and sustainable global



In his work “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu states that five
factors must be taken into consideration before any military action: climate,
field, discipline, politics and command.

It is already obvious in military circles how important of
a factor the weather is, so that in 2007 a group of retired U.S. admirals and
generals in their “National security and the threat of climate change” report conclude
that ‘climate change acts as a threat multiplier for instability in some of the
most volatile regions of the world’ and ‘climate change poses a serious threat
to America’s national security.’