6. defense strategies on land and sea, in air

6.         The author highlights that the inventions
in weapons technology will create a direct effect on America’s defense
strategies on land and sea, in air and in space, in turn reshaping military
forces, America enters the twenty-first century as the dominant power in the

5.         American policy-makers will have to be very careful in managing
the necessary gradual transition from a military based on massed firepower to a
leaner force built around precision-guided munitions.

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4.         The author concludes stating that the key to military
domination in the 21st century will be conventional artillery precisely
applied, and the willingness to use it. With unequalled command of computer,
guidance munitions, radar satellite, and sensing technologies, the US is in the
strongest position to strategically make use of the high ground of space and
achieve a capacity to engage in remote-control warfare in which pilotless
vehicles deliver explosives at hyper speeds and with deadly accuracy to enemy
targets anywhere on earth.

3.         The
author continues to make a series of informed predictions about the direction of
military affairs as America makes way into a new century. The author believes
that the invention of firearms has been the first substantial and consequential
step towards military revolution. The Gulf War of 1991 forms the centre of the
author’s thinking in the book, where the the United States swiftly crushed an impressive
Iraqi army. America suffered miniscule losses as casualties in this war. The “smart”
weapons, such as cruise missiles outshined the conventional Iraqi armaments.

In The Future
of War, the author points out that the Age of Ballistics is on a decline
and we are taking an upslope climb to a fundamentally new period, the Age of
Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs), smart weapons which will subsequently do
away with the traditional way of waging war. Guns and artillery have inherently
been inaccurate and they need to be fired multiple times to hit one target,
these new projectiles are precise and lethally efficient; while ballistic
weapons platforms need to be brought within range of the battlefield, PGMs can
devastate from any distance.

2.         The Future of War predicts that the twenty-first century, will show America’s
global dominance due to revolution in weaponry and warfare. It will move from
the era of cannons to the modern era of automatically operated weapons and
heavy artillery. The waging of war-which has been changing and it has been relying
on the technology that began with the use of black powder to expel a projectile
through a tube.