6. potential limitations need to be considered. One limitation

6. Conclusion:

purpose of the current study was to investigate the effect of using games in
teaching and learning second language vocabulary. This was done through an
attempt to answer whether the use games in second language classrooms help
primary-age students memorize and recall words and howthose students view games
as a learning tool. The investigation of adopting games as a teaching method
has shown that teaching with games is among the excellent teaching techniques
to help second language learners in vocabulary acquisition which can be a challenging
process at some level. The analysis of the test confirms that this technique is
able to improve vocabulary retention since the mean score of the experimental
group was higher than that of the control group. It is clear that games make
students memorize and recall words fast. It has been found that students believe
that games create an enjoyable environment for learning, providing elements of
fun and competitive to the class.  These
findings are directly in line with previous findings of (Taheri, 2014, Tuan,
2012, Gordon&Lewis, 1999, Oroujlou&Vahedi, 2011). Taken together, these
results suggest a role of games in promoting vocabulary acquisition, developing
positive attitude towards the second language, stimulating students to learn
and participate in the classroom and improving their performance in language.
This study has made a contribution towards enhancing our understanding of the
significance of selecting the best teaching methods that improve students’
proficiency in second languages, facilitate learning and especially those that
meet students’ needs and interests. This study also serves as evidence for
education authorities and teachers to support and devote particular attention to
the utilization of games in second languages classrooms. Based on the findings,
it is recommended that teachers view games as valuable activities to teach new
words and engage all students in the classroom. The study has successfully
answered the research questions. However, a number of potential limitations
need to be considered. One limitation is the small sample size and gender. It
would be interesting to involve a larger sample of both males and females so
the findings might be more generalizable. Another limitation is that the interview
was one week delayed. More broadly, further research could usefully explore
whether games can play a role in improving other areas of teaching second languages
such as teaching grammar, reading

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