i.      To conduct the smooth running and effective of meetings.

Chairman shall manage the time for the discussion of issues among members. During the discussion, the chairman shall ensure every member has opportunity to express their own point of view. Also, chairman should ensure the communication between the members is conducted smoothly. The chairman shall also avoid any conflict happens during the debate or discussion (DIYcommitteeguide, 2017).

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ii.    To outline the purpose or agenda of the meeting.

The chairman must ensure that every issue is being discussed orderly and mannerly in the meeting. The chairman shall brief the issues before they are being discussed so that the members can have a brief idea on what they are going to express. After the discussion, the chairman shall brief the conclusion on the mattes that have been discussed so that the members can vote on right decision (HKEX, 2017).

iii.   To lead the meeting properly

Chairman should lead the meeting properly in order to make the discussion of issues successfully. Chairman shall lead the board to achieve the objective and purpose of the meeting and the board decisions represent the best interest to company. Chairman has to make essential decisions when emergency and helping board to handle difficult situations (HKEX, 2017).

iv.   To exercise casting vote

Chairman may have the casting vote which also called “second vote”. Chairman can vote in the situation of event of a tie which mean vote is taken in a meeting but equality of votes happens. Chairman only can cast a vote when the company constitution allows to vote. But usually an organization allow their chairman to casting vote because chairman also a member of organization, so they will cast vote for best interest to organization. However, chairman can cast a vote only if all the members of board has already cast their vote (David Price, 2017).