Hello Professor, here
is my final report of my CPT internship from August to December 2017. This
internship enhanced my knowledge and improved me personally and professionally.
It is an amazing experience to deal with real-world scenarios and learn the technologies

As I have informed in
my previous reports, I gained knowledge towards Core Java, Front-end
technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS etc., Automation tools such as
Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Rest-assured frameworks and MySQL work bench for
back-end purposes. Overall, I am good at Java programming language with
Automation tools, looking for a career towards it. It is not that easy to mention
all the details of what I have done and what I have learnt. I have given the maximum
effort to be as specific as possible.

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Initially, I started
with Core Java knowing about each concept and how it is dealt in real-world. The
most important concepts are Object-oriented principles. I came to know about
Procedure-oriented and Object-Oriented programming languages and their key
differences. A project should be designed with Low Coupling and High Cohesion,
it should maintain Object-Oriented principles. The following explains about the
various object-oriented principles with the examples shown.


The representation of
code and data together into a single unit is called Encapsulation. This
increases security, readability and maintainability. It is achieved by making
the fields of a class as private and methods as public. These methods are
getters and setters. The purpose of getters and setters are they encapsulate
the fields of a class, making them accessible only through the methods.

In the below example,
body mass index is calculated for each user where height, weight and bmi are
related to each user and are private. Each user’s data should be secured and
should not share with other users.