Gentrification happens all the time but it isn’t
necessarily a good thing for historical sites. Towns that are rooted with such
heritage and history which are the foundation that hold the sites. Gentrifying
a town with history shouldn’t be renovated because it gets too expensive for
the people who originated from there. Local officials should prevent historical
towns from being gentrified because it starts to become more attractive to
outside citizens, drives up property values and changes the demographic as
well. To prevent gentrification, local officials should preserve the history in
such towns to keep the heritage and history alive. Unfortunately, it’s the
officials who make these decisions and make profits out of them.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with businesses
taking advantage of the tourist climate despite the historical events that took
place in the site because climate is one of the biggest resources and very
essential for tourism.  Tourism climate
is not a event but because it is a growing awareness. The shift in climate
patterns and the amont of tourists that travel to the destinations have great
lucrative impacts on tourism businesses and even for the neighborhoods as well.

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In popular tourist and developing countries, tourism is a major positive
economic activity. However, I think that the tourism climate will have a
significant impact on historical events because of the physical resources that
support tourism around the world. Businesses use climate change as a marketing
tool, that’s why tourists go to popular historical sites which can lead to
gentrification, can be great for business but potentially bad for the small
historical towns.