I’ve been surrounded by healthcare
professionals my entire life, having 3 aunts and a mother as practicing RPNs
and RNs in their own specialties. Beyond this, I’ve had a few run-ins with
healthcare where those aiding me took the time to hear my symptoms and plan an
effective route of treatment to bring me to better health. I want to
participate in this movement as a “physician extender” (CAPA) to improve the
efficiency and delivery of healthcare, so that wait times and patient overload
do not hinder the care that physicians can provide.


My broad range of experience in
healthcare settings speaks to the position of a Physician Assistant in its
interdisciplinary nature. When I think of my career, I aim to continue to learn
and advocate for healthcare in an environment that is progressive and
stimulating. I would be honoured and excited to be a part of a growing,
innovative healthcare community in a collaborative setting to achieve better
health for citizens and improve care delivery in areas that need it most such
as rural and Northern communities.

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