My empirical
investigation will be guided by the questions:

Globally what is the impact of microfinance on
individuals and households?

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Under what circumstances can microfinance help lift
the poor out of poverty?

And how can we draft premises for poverty
alleviation in Pakistan based on the indicators drafted from success stories
around the globe?


The literature
review will answer the first two questions whereas in order to answer the last
question I will be conducting a field study. For the field study, the most
important factor will be to identify the stakeholders and define the sample


From my initial
literature review, I have identified two main categories of stakeholders

Organizations/institutions (such as SBP, PMN, SECP

Individuals (such as microfinance beneficiaries).


The data
collection method that I will use will be semi-structured interviews. The
reason why I want to use this method is that it is flexible and provides room
for discussion in order to clarify any confusions/misunderstandings. Poverty
alleviation is a very complex concept and through interviews, I can gather qualitative
in-depth information regarding the topic. The disadvantages of this method are that
it is cost intensive so the sample size will be not too big which will give
rise to selection bias and as the data gathered will be mostly qualitative in
nature, it will also be prone to interpretation bias. None the less as far as
the disadvantages of the method are known, a conscious effort can be made to
minimize them.