A innovative techniques to grab the student’s attention and

A typical classroom image reminds me of blackboard, chalk,
books, pens, pencils, chairs and tables. With the advent of technologies, the art of teaching and learning has evolved over the years.
Learning experience has to be redefined and teachers should devise innovative techniques
to grab the student’s attention and put their ideas across so that its stays in
their minds even after they leave the class.

Here are the few
novel teaching methods to enhance learning experience

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Creative Teaching

Be it any subject,
bring in some aspect of creativity to make it interesting for young minds and
to increase their desire to learn something new. Incorporate videos and audios
tools in teaching to supplement textbooks. One can use free mind mapping tools
like Spider scribe, creately, wise mapping to make fantastic visual illustration
of a concept to interconnect their thoughts and ideas. Teaching lessons through
a story makes it interesting for the students because everyone likes to watch
movies. Be open to new ideas and give them freedom to explore on their own to
increase their ability to think creatively.


brainstorming sessions in your classrooms to allow free flow of ideas on a
particular subject to increase lateral thinking and creativity. It’s a great
platform for all learners to share their thoughts, views without any
inhibitions and it will teach them to accept and respect difference of opinion.

Role play

Role play is an
energizing technique where in students are given roles to play pertaining to a
particular topic. This method helps the students to get involved deeply with
the subject and gives them better understanding. Role play improves learner’s
interpersonal skills to a greater extend.

Story board

Story board is a
visual way of telling a concept or an event. It greatly helps the teachers to convey
complex conceptual ideas to their students. It can also be used as a form of communication
and students make their own story boards describing any event or story using
their creative imagination.

Fun Learning

When games and
puzzles are part of education, learning is always fun. Educational games will ignite student’s
creativity and keep them engaged in their study. They will not know that they
are learning study lessons through games. Grammar gorillas, Capital penguin and
funbrain.com are some of the free educational games available online.

In today’s creative
world, new ideas and technologies pop up almost every day. It’s the
responsibility of the teachers to adapt to ever changing learning needs and
include in their teaching for enhanced learning experience. Most important of
all, you should truly love what you do so that you can deliver your best.
Teachers not only impart knowledge to students, they inspire and change lives
for better tomorrow.