A options for partially edentulous patients with missing single

A fishermen  is someone who captures fish  from a body of water, or gathers shellfish . Most fishermen are men involved in offshore and deep-sea fisheries. Women fish in some regions inshore from small boats or collect shellfish and seaweed. In many artisanal fishing communities, women are responsible for making and repairing nets, post-harvest processing and marketing. Most of this growth took place in Asian countries , where 4/5th of world fisher and fish farmers dwell. For some community, fishing is not only a source of food and work but also it is a identity to their community .          Fishing is one such hazardous occupation, which involves irregular diet, stress, alcoholism, tobacco and pernicious habits. Fishermen have lower socio-economic status and their illiteracy adds to their poor oral hygiene, which may influence general and oral health.The treatment options for partially edentulous patients with missing single or multiple teeth range from a provisional removable partial denture, a definitive cast partial denture, a resin bonded prosthesis and fixed partial denture . Clinical decision making is critically dependant on the status of the abutment teeth, which are often periodontally involved themselves. Treatment for partially edentulous patients with advanced periodontal disease involves selective retention of few strategically located key abutments for subsequent over dentures, or for extensive FPD treatment or for implant supported fixed prostheses. Implant supported prostheses have introduced new hope for the ‘edentulous cripples’ and have become an acceptable treatment modality.Persons who have lost teeth are (either partially or completely) edentulous (edentate), whereas those who have not lost teeth can be called dentate by comparison. For example, a scientific study may include a partially edentulous group and a healthy dentate control group.