A part of his eternal plan which includes how

A person’s
perspective on life is a confined meaning of Worldview. Everyone has their own framework
from which they view reality and seek to make sense of this life. For example,
someone whom has selfish ways looks as if the world revolves around themselves
and their own feelings. Someone with a biblical worldview believes to love and
serve god is the primary reason for existence.

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                It is the Christian belief that
God himself created the first speck of life on earth. (Gen. 1.1-31) God made
the decision to create mankind so we can be a part of his eternal plan which
includes how we humans should live our lives under the lord’s oath. To be human
simply means to be productive, to work, to accomplish and most importantly to enjoy
our accomplishments, in which we should strive to do every day. Mankind is overly
magnificent because we were made by god’s image; as well were other living
things. Humans may have the ability to speak with words but that does not make
us superior of God’s other creations. (Matt. 6.26) We were created to magnify God’s
glory by enjoying his love, caring for our neighbors, being considerate of the
resources he the lord has provided us and by sharing our hope and grace found
in Jesus Crist’s death and resurrection.  As god’s creation we must simply resist the influences
of going beyond mankind. (Ps. 111.10)  In
today’s society there is much confusion as to what is right from wrong. To be
wrong is not to be determined by an individual’s moral senility to an act. A
wrong is a wrong and a right is a right. (Rom. 7.12) Morality is determined by
the laws and the principles of divine revelation. The Bible is the inspiration
of morality and it is taken into consideration when it is our time to die. When
believers die they will first be taken into the presence of Jesus Christ in
heaven. (Luke. 23.43) Heaven is superior to earth; it is a place of glory and a
place Christians call home. As believers reach the crossroads, they will be
resurrected from the dead so their soul and body will live in the new heavens
for eternity. It is the Christian belief that you will be cleansed from all sin
at the moment of death.

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                From a biblical
worldview, you should always have the attitude of a servant.  God expects us to be generous to all animals
and nature, seek the blessings of others and to serve others out of the
goodness of our hearts. (Prov. 12.10)  It
is our duty to demonstrate the love of Christ and to always love others by
interpreting how we love ourselves. As a daily task we must continuously pursue



with others and speak to our neighbors how we seek to be
spoken to. To think of someone negatively with hopes to bring unpleasant energy
into someone’s life is not the Christian way. You are the energy you attract
and the Lord wants us to strive to be the best we can be.

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