A the comfort chair, the worker can do their

reclining chair is a mechanism which has a backrest to recline and can be
adjusted.   It   also  
has   a   static  
seating   and   the  
footrest   that   can  
be moved. The footrest will continue to connect to the backrest to
maintain the position of chair. (James & Johnson, 1973). Siccardi (1901)
stated that, the reclining chair is a combination of seat which has a hinged
behind the backrest and the footrest and controlled by the movement of the
backrest to raise the seat and footrest.

            There are two ways to approach the
reclining chair. The most often approach in reclining chair was to lay down at
the backrest angle and extend the leg at the leg rest or at foot stool. The
other approach is a wheelchair known as ‘Tilt-In-Space’. The backrest is static
and the whole system is slanted. A several ‘Tilt-In-Space’ chair also have
upward leg rest (Wicket, 2013).

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            The used of reclining chair will
stimulate blood circulation and arouse relaxing mood. Based on previous studies,
reclining at the angle of 110o 
degrees, we can reduce the stress level approximately at 40% (Haworth,
2008). According to Alan Hedge (2013), the most appropriate reclining
chair   is at an angle of range 110 o
degrees to 130 o degrees as to fully support the back muscles. There are three
types of reclining chairs which will discuss in the next following point.


2.5.1    Reclining Chair At Home

chair that used in homes depending on customer favored. Some people think that
comfort and function are the most important criteria for the chair, meanwhile
other people are concerned about the design that matches with the interior.
They used the chair for reading a book, taking a nap, watching TV, or surfing on
the internet (Kratter, 2012).


2.5.2    Reclining chair for working

chair is a chair that used for working in front of a computer desk. It is used
for sitting while reading, writing, and typing and do the offices work. With the
comfort chair, the worker can do their job better.  Conference chair that is typically used at
the office in the conference room were considered as reclining chair for
working. The chairs are not used for all the time in the office. It will be
used for meeting or conference (Kratter, 2012).