Abstract based on exponentional growth in network data traffic.



  Mobile services based on 4G LTE services are steadily
expanding across global networks.  There are
many type of responsive internet browsing experience.  It was only the possible ont wire broadband
conections more than 200 commercial  LTE
networks in operation as of august 2013 to the end of 2018, 1.3 billion LTE
subscription are expected.  Lte network  based on exponentional growth in network  data traffic. 
Advantage of LTE is increasing better coverage, superior user experience
at lower cost than existing wireless system. 
This strategy enables new services ,new application and ultimately new
opportunites.  Toread  these information many prognosticatios have
an idea about future mobile broadband technology and standard.

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        This article tells about the network technologies, device
technologies of fifth generation(5G). 
The conversion of 4G to 5G will take long time.  so lets see, about network operator, infrastructure
vendors, and device manufactures.  The next
generation technologies will be even more better network than 4G  are being defined.  This period is called 5G era has already
begun.  There are some technology
expected to be add to 5G  one of these
are small cell base station are available today.  Some other will be developed and deployed
over the coming year.

Device-to-device communications

communication allows to exchange data traffic 
through user equipment without need of base station.  It uses two tier system  include macrocell tier and device tier.  It has low signal and higher power consumption
when base station is far away from device.  D2D communication can relay to another
device that has a better connection to the base station.  Directly we can connect devices without base
station but with a link control of the bs to establish proper link.

Direct D2D communication with device
to device

It communicate
directly to devices without the use base station through control link.  In another case, bs is not required  to establish a link because device establish
a connection and form the network.  D2D
communication in cellular network, all communicaions must to be go through the
base station.  In a cellular system,
device are not allowed to directly communicate with each other in licensed
cellular bandwith and all communications take place through the base
station.  However, mobiles users in
todays cellular network use high data services examples video sharing, gaming, proximity
aware social networking.

Security issues

The security
and Privacy of communication system is always 
been a key issue.  In D2D
communication system, independent of base station is possible.  In this we have two types,  closed access and open access.  In closed access list of trusted devices is
used for conncetions. In open access no restriction for connections all devices
are allowed to connect the base station or devices.  We can provide better security with use of
base station,  with a loosely or fully
control mode using unlicensed bands such as Bluetooth and wifi. 



     One of the main challenges in the
implementation of D2D communication id to avoid the degradation of cellular
communication system, wifi, Bluetooth, among others.  This degradation is due to interference of
same frequency spectrum.  Interference
problem is solved depending upon spectrum use. 
It requires an extra interface for the outband scheme using unlicensed


            5G technology is the outcoming
technology it has very highband and high data transfer rate,  however now we are using 3G technology rarely
and in some technology  rarely using 4G
in future we can use 5G technology.  Many
big companies are investing large amount of money on this project.  So, it will take high demand in the
future.  It also have manufacture
flexibility, limit, degree, comparability growing of rising big data cloud,
device to device and device application.