Abstract—The the stakeholders such as Delivery Manager, Customer and

Abstract—The existing delivery/courier system is manual though itcould be automated. In the current system, all the data are maintained in booksand it is difficult to modify data. Usually, for updating data in currentsystem, user either has to delete or overwrite the data and similarly, tomaintain the order, delivery, employee details and other important operationsin courier/delivery management requires a lot of manpower and time.

Since thesystem is manual, data is prone to human errors. It becomes practicallyimpossible to do the operations without any error. Nowadays, customers preferdeliveries at their convenient time with no compromises in quality. So, tomanage all this becomes very difficult for the employees. The existing systemis highly intangible in terms of reliability and ability to perform thepromised services accurately with security of records.Nowadays, 50% of companies of the world use the services ofvarious delivery systems. Today’s consumer have become increasingly demanding.

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All the consumer, employee, management people needs would be fulfilled by theproposed, which is an online software designed for stakeholders ofcourier/delivery system .This software will enable customers to receivedelivery from a source as wellas send delivery to required destination and also track thedelivery. We are presenting an application system for efficient Delivery andMaintenance. The application primarily focuses on reducing the burden anddiscomfort in managing and delivering all the products and services. This willreduce the complications of all the stakeholders such as Delivery Manager,Customer and Delivery Boy for providing services to the concerned personnel.

Itwill provide customers with fast and assured delivery. It will enable thecourier delivery boy to locate the fastest and most convenient route fordelivery by considering the current traffic situations.The courier manager canevaluate the performance of each of his courier delivery boy through feedbacksfrom the customer and amount of products delivered per day.To design this system, we are using various technologiessuch as web technologies like HTML, PHP for developing web application, Androidand Google API for developing application for delivery boy. An androidapplication will be created for helping delivery boy to reach the destinationas quickly as possible.

This will not only save the time of delivery boy butalso reduce the expenses of a particular delivery. All this will help inimproving the services provided by the delivery company. The use of this softwarewill also increase the turnover/profit of the company.                                                                                                                                                              I.     IntroductionIn this project, we are presenting anapplication system for efficient Delivery and Maintenance. The need to designthis system is because of the customer’s increasing demands of faster delivery andbetter quality.

Also it’s a challenge for the distributors to match the speedof the increasing demands and provide efficient service by using thetraditional system. So the solution to this is the ENHANCED SYSTEM FOR DELIVERYAND EFFICIENT PATH FINDINGthat modifies the traditional courierdelivery system to anautomated delivery system. This will reduce the cumbersome of all thestakeholders such as Delivery Manager, Customer and Delivery Boy for providingservices to the concerned personnel. One of the biggest challenge is fast andon-time delivery. The system solves this problem by scheduling the deliveryroute for the delivery boy and locates the fastest and most convenient routefor delivery taking into consideration the traffic parameters, location ofdelivery etc.

The system has been built using web technologiessuch as HTML,PHP (for developing web application) and Android , Google API (formobile application for delivery boy).The application primarily focuses on reducing the burden anddiscomfort in managing and delivering all the products and services. The systemwill maintain all the records without any ambiguity and can be accessed andmodified only after authentication of the user. It will also provide thecourier manager to evaluate the performance of each of his delivery boy throughfeedbacks from the customer and amount of products delivered per day.                                                                                                                                                     II.

    Problem DefinitionWhen sendingcourier/parcel/product through any courier services, people want to know wheretheir courier/parcel/product is currently and whether it is shifting to theright places or not, if not then how much time it will take to get to the rightplace and where it is now. Taking all this information manually can be verydifficult for the user/admin and keeping this information safe is verydifficult. All these operations can be very time consuming. Handling suchinformation requires a lot of paper work and management processes.Theproposed system will be highly reliable in terms of performance and accuracy.It will be error free with the records,tracking details. The system will be user friendly and secure.

Theoverall maintenance of the system will be significantly low compared to theexisting system. It will not create any ambiguity in the customer’s mindregarding the delivery.                                                                                                                                                                III.   Objectives Theobjective of this project is:·        To develop anautomated software solution for delivery services that provide efficient, errorfree and a secure system.·        To provide timelydelivery of products and enable the customers to check the delivery statusthrough alerts via email, SMS etc.·        To generate thereports as per the requirements.·        To estimateincentive based salaries of employees as per the performance analysis. A.

   Abbreviations andAcronymsSDS- SmartDelivery SystemAPI-ApplicationProgramming InterfaceUI-UserInterface                                                                                                                                                                         IV.   scope This system is developed consideringthe requirements gathered during the initial phase of the project. The scopeincludes automating the process and increasing ease of use. The system shallprovide customers an ability to track consignment. System interface shall be userfriendly; in an attempt to increase the app usage a “User Guide” shall beavailable for customers to support in case of any queries related tofunctionalities.

The system shall be able to conduct performance analysis ofemployees and company. This will help management in deciding career growth andawarding monetary benefits todeserved employees. It will also help in theoverall growth and analytics of the distributor company.                                                                                                                                                      V.    Expected OutcomeThe expected outcome of the systemshould be as follows:·        Thesystem should be user friendly·        Lowcost and easy to maintain the system·        Thereports should consist less errors·        Themap should give an optimum route to the destination ·        Trackingdetails should be accurate·        Toreduce the difficulties of stakeholders of the system·        Toprovide faster and assured delivery to the customer                                                                                                                                                    VI.   LiteratureSurveyAccording to Wikipedia, a courierservice company is a company that offers to deliver messages,packages and mails. Couriers are distinguished from ordinary mail servicesby features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization andindividualization of express services, and swift delivery times, which areoptional for most everyday mail services.

Use of courier services has been inexistence from ancient days. In ancient days, messages were hand-deliveredusing a variety of methods, including runners, homing pigeons and riders onhorseback. But this system is not efficient, as a messenger can only beallocated to one user. Therefore it is under-utilization of messenger’s labourservices and other resources.In this wide and huge world, in orderto send and receive goods the most convenient way of transportation is thedelivery service. The owner sending goods need not worry much about itsparcel’s delivery since the delivery company takes care of the parcel’sdelivery.

Though, the delivery company needs to go through a round of hurdlesto transfer one parcel to another efficiently and on time. According to Wikipedia (2017),Delivery is the process of transporting goods from a source location to apredefined destination. There are different delivery types. Cargo (physicalgoods) is primarily delivered via roads and railroads on land, shipping laneson the sea and airline networks in the air. Certain specialized goods may bedelivered via other networks, such as pipelines for liquid goods, power gridsfor electrical power and computer networks such as the Internet or broadcastnetworks for electronic information.1The general process of deliveringgoods is known as distribution. The study of effective processes for deliveryand disposition of goods and personnel is called logistics. Firms thatspecialize in delivering commercial goods from point of production or storageto point of sale are generally known as distributors, while those thatspecialize in the delivery of goods to the consumer are known as deliveryservices.

Postal, courier, and relocation services also deliver goods forcommercial and private interests.According to the paper on AGoogle-Map-Based Arterial Traffic Information System (2007), with the newtechnology developments in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), moreeffective solutions to transportation problems become available. For instance,increased deployments of traffic sensing technologies can easily provide alarge amount of live traffic data necessary for real-time incident detection,traffic operations, and performance measurement.

Since raw data from trafficsensors require further process to produce useful results for trafficmanagement and traveler information systems, it has become a challenging issueto manage and utilize traffic sensor data effectively. For example, trafficsensor data must be processed before being transferred to Advanced TravelerInformation Systems (ATIS). Well-designed ATIS should present travelerinformation in an efficient way so that ATIS can help improve personalmobility, safety, and the productivity of transportation systems. An efficientand effective approach for traveler information organization and presentationis crucial for the success of ATIS.With the help of live trafficupdates, the process of delivery is enhanced and the delivery company canstrategize as to where the delivery should be done first in order to save timeand deliver more number of goods with respect to traffic parameters. Also, thecustomer can easily track its goods based on the traffic updates at the comfortof his/her home. According to Richard E.

Korf,path-finding search occurs in the presence of various sources of knowledge suchas heuristic evaluation functions, sub goals, macro-operators, andabstractions. For a given source of knowledge, we explore optimal algorithms interms of time, space, and cost of solution path, and quantify theirperformance. We adopt a common model of problem solving search, the problemspace, and consider the effect of each knowledge source on search complexity. The concept of path-finding ofRichard E. Korf is used in our project to get the optimum route to thedestination.

It will help to reduce the workload of delivery boy and also toreduce the cost of delivery.According to the paper on DataMining: Evaluating Performance of Employee’s using Classification AlgorithmBased on Decision Tree (2014), classification maps data into predefined groupsof classes. It is often referred to as supervised learning because the classesare determined before examining the data. The prediction of employee’sperformance with high accuracy is more beneficial. To improve their performancethe supervisor will monitor the employee’s performance carefully. (a)Generation of data source of predictive variable. (b) Identification ofdifferent factors, which affects an employee’s performance during industrialcareer (c) Construction of a Decision Tree model using Classification datamining techniques on the basis of identified predictive variables and theirvalues.

Performance Analysis helps us modeland evaluates a particular employee’s performance which in turn can help indeciding the incentives and added bonus along with deciding the best performerof the month and also the profits a particular employee is contributing to thecompany. This motivates the employees to do better in the future.                                                                                                                                                   VII.  Gap IdentificationThere exists a general uncertaintyand issue about whether a document is delivered/collected on time. Mostly delivery companies keep therecords in delivery books or files which becomes very difficult to maintain andsecure. Maintaining a separate record for each entity is difficult and hencedeals with data ambiguity and human errors.

Another issue with current systemis scheduling the delivery, assigning delivery boy, maintaining bills andaccounts, etc. Whereas all this can be computerized which will save human timeand efforts.Also, most companies find it veryhard to effectively monitor the task of their delivery as it is practicallyimpossible to monitor the delivery time because of the variables involved suchas traffic jams, identifying delivery points, weather conditions etc.  CurrentSystem VS Existing System  Current System Existing System }  1.The current system will compensate for uncertainties relating to effectively deciding and monitoring the task of their delivery considering traffic jams, accidents and weather conditions. }    }  2.It will provide the courier manager to evaluate the performance of each of his courier delivery boy through feedbacks from the customer and amount of products delivered per day.     }  3.

Itwill provide customers with fast and assured delivery. }  1.The application primarily focuses on reducing the burden and discomfort in managing and delivering all the products and services.

        2.Performance evaluation was done manually through the product delivered per day.   }          3.It does not guarantee fast and assured delivery to customers.

                                                                                                                                                       VIII.Proposed WorkIt is very difficult to manage billsand updating of customer information and products because it is done manually.Because of that, many problems occurred such as managing huge amount of datahaving large amount of data and different data items. Since we are handlinglarge amount of data, the possibility of losing data is very high. If incurrent system, any problem occurs, then it becomes very difficult to find thesolution to that problem and also it takes lots of time for recovery.          Most companies find it very hard toeffectively decide, schedule and monitor the task of their delivery.Practically it is impossible to monitor the delivery time because of thevarious factors involved in it such as traffic jams, identifying deliverypoints, weather conditions etc.The current system will compensatefor all such uncertainties relating to effectively deciding and monitoring thetask of their delivery considering traffic jams, accidents and weatherconditions.

The application primarily focuses on reducing the burden anddiscomfort in managing and delivering all the products and services.The proposed system willbe able to reduce all the disadvantages of current system. It will be able togive efficient tracking details as well as data security. It will be error freewith the records and tracking details. The system will consist of user friendlyUI a so that anyone can use easily without any difficulties. System will besecured as compared to previous system. Data updation will become very easy.

The overall maintenanceof the system will be significantly low compared to the existing system. Itwill not create any ambiguity in the customer’s mind regarding thedelivery.  Also, it will enable the distributor companies to beable to measure the performance growth of its employee’s through effectivefeedback mechanism which in turn would help in the overall development andgrowth of the company.Proposed system consist ofapplication for delivery boy from which admin and customer can track deliveryboy, admin will be using web application for managing all the product andcustomer. In existing system it is very difficult to prepare weekly or monthlyreport, but proposed system will generate the report automatically on the basisof ratings given by customer so it becomes very easy for admin to classifydelivery boy. VI. IMPLEMENTATIONFigure 1  Figure 1:The Object Oriented Analysis &Design Methodology was used in research and development of the system.

ObjectOriented Analysis includes finding objects of the system whereas ObjectOriented Design includes defining objects of the system and finding out howthey collaborate so they can fulfill all the system requirements. The abovefigure is the use diagram of the system describing all the functionalities thatis present in the system. The use case diagram contains extends and includesrelationships. For example, Customer information includes delivery address.

There are three important actors inthe system .They are Admin, Employee and Customer. All have different roles inthe system. But the admin is the power user. How it works:1.     Adminis a power user inthis system.Admin and Employees havelogin rights.

Admin can login in web application whereas Delivery boy can loginin android application.2.      When admin logs in, he/she enters vendordetails/consignment details and customer information with addresses wheredelivery needs to be made. 3.

     Theaddresses are fetched by the system in a map (which is an android applicationfor delivery boy) format wherein scheduling is done. 4.     Afterthe scheduling is done, automatically an invoice is generated and printed.

5.     Printedinvoice are then attached to each consignment to make it easily deliverable bydelivery boy.6.     ThenAdmin assigns delivery job to the respective delivery boy after dispatchmanagement. 7.     Oncethe packages are dispatched, an automated message is sent to customer with alink.

The message contains tracking and feedback link.8.     Adminalso has an ability to track the consignment. Billing invoice is generated atthe time of label printing. 9.     Atthe end of the day/month an evaluation is been generated containing a list ofcustomer who logged their feedback and waiting for the same. VII. CONCLUSION                                                                                                     Conclusion ENHANCED SYSTEM FOR DELIVERY AND EFFICIENTPATH FINDINGis a solution that has beenproposed to eradicate glaring logistic issues that occurs in delivery services.

Any unaccredited access to the system would be denied. Using the mapapplication for delivery boy, fast delivery is assured. With the help offeedback mechanism, the system provides an efficient way to evaluate employee’sperformance which in turn helps the management to be decisive in providingcareer growth opportunities.                                     References 1) E. J.

Seymour, B. Miller, “Google-Based MappingSystem for Traffic Management Center Web Navigation”, presented at the86th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, January 21–25 2007.2) OPTIMAL PATH-FINDING ALGORITHMS* Richard E. Korf ComputerScience         Department University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles Los Angeles, Ca. 900243) Data Mining: Evaluating Performance of Employee’s usingClassification Algorithm Based on Decision Tree4) Suo Qi.

Database Marketing Research Based on Data MiningJ. Technology and Market, 2007(2):53-545) Han Jing, “Application of FuzzyData Mining Algorithm in Performance Evaluation of Human Resource”. Economicand Management Institute, YanTai University, Yantai, Shandong, P. R. China,2640056)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courier7) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delivery_(commerce)