Academic reason why I decided to continue further studies

Academic background: I
have studied a combination of physics and mathematics in high school where I
got different skills and potentials in sciences to conduct my undergraduate in
mechanical engineering in University of Rwanda/College of science and
technology under government scholarship. I got this scholarship from many of my
colleagues who didn’t get it because my qualification during national
examination was very good and qualified to this scholarship. During my
undergraduate studies I acquired different courses of mechanical engineering
where I performed well all coursework and graduated in first ten students of my
class of fourth four students. After my undergraduate graduation, I got a
teaching job in one institution among those in my country from year 2012 to
2015 where I always met different changes which showed me that my level of
study was not enough to carry teaching activities at excellent level, the
reason why I decided to continue further studies to find solutions to different
of my challenges at the time. I applied for CSC scholarship to pursue master
studies and finally in 2015 I was awarded by CSC scholarship to pursue master
program in china at Harbin Institute of Technology in mechanical engineering
English program, the thing which makes me to be thankful to Chinese government
as it helps me to achieve some of my dreams of having opportunities to enhance
my research and knowledge in mechanical engineering. Currently I a master
degree holder from July 2017. I had the chance to enhance my knowledge in
different courses of mechanical engineering field as well to be trained how to
conduct a successful research project because the studying environment in HIT
was so good the thing I appreciate too. During my master program I had one year
to study and mastering some courses of mechanical engineering such as numerical
analysis, manufacturing technology on nanoscale, heat and mass transfer,
robotics technology, thermodynamic engineering, Nano tribology, dynamic of
machine and servo systems. During the second year of my program I had time to
carry out my research project on performance of proportional pressure control
valve for clutch system where I have used different softwares to study and
analyse the dynamic and static characteristics of this type of valves on
controlling the clutch system. During these two years I successful finished my
program and graduated as master engineer in mechanical engineering.


My personality: I am
dynamic person working hard to find solutions even under pressure or deadlines.
I am motivated to team and group works because I know nothing is impossible
when forces are put together. I am socially active, environment friendly and
intercultural promotor. I am a happy person and cool when making discussions or
conversation with other people however they are. I respect every one’s opinion
and I am advisable because I know through advices and ideas from other I can
get far for my dreams.

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Study plan in china: I am
applying for the PhD program degree in mechanical engineering in china because
as I did it in during my master degree and I want to enhance my knowledge in
modeling an simulating manufacturing systems to gain more skills and experience
in manufacturing field which constitute an important part of the global
economy. While much progress has been made and an increasing number of
manufacturing system decisions are being made based on the use of models, their
use is still sporadic in many manufacturing environments, the reason there is a
need for pervasive use of modeling and simulation for decision support in
current and future manufacturing systems. There are several challenges that
need to be addressed by the simulation community to realize this vision such as
convincing management to sponsor modeling and simulation projects instead of,
or in addition to, more commonly used manufacturing system design and
improvement methods such as lean manufacturing and six sigma. Simulation models
lend themselves to incorporating additional details about the manufacturing
system and therefore often give more accurate estimates of manufacturing system
behavior than the simpler models, but usually at the cost of more computation.
In general, simulation is a practical methodology for understanding the
high-level dynamics of a complex manufacturing system.

stay and study in china will impact positively me personally, my country, china
as well as the world in general through research projects publications in this
field which can be also implemented depending on the conditions and facilities
of work. This research program will help me to get good job in big energy
companies the thing will also to carry out some consultancy   works in the field of energy.

Reasons to study in china: from my
experience as someone who studies in china, I found china as good place to
study and carrying successful research the research why I still want to go back
in china to pursue my education. In china, the studying environment is better
providing necessity to do an excellent research. Also I found Chinese people
friendly and helpful no racism or any other kind of segregation or abuses for
foreign students as well foreigner people in china. To be a foreigner in china
seems to be like at home because we feel free when staying in china and
administration assure the safety of anyone staying in china according to the
law. Other thing to choose china is because the education in ranks better in
the world the good thing to ensure that the education I will get in china will
help to compete on the world work market