According However against to batch of the previous high


 According to the
anonymous author of this article, One important answer to this question is more
opportunity. However against to batch of the previous high school graduated
nowadays are incaplbe to attain the quantity of high-expend  jobs that were once accesible. The other
country has been change from a assemble-based economy to an economy according  on their understanding, and the significance
of a college education nowadays can be contrast to that of a high school education
forty years ago. It fulfill as the progress to a better choices and more
chances they get.

There are further reasons as  why it is important to go to college or
university. When students accomplished a support secondary education, they have
the chance to read their books and listen to the lectures of top specialist in
their fields. This stimulation motivates students to recall, ask questions, and
look into new ideas, which aauthorize for additional maturation and development
and issues to college graduates with an edge in the job over those who have not
experienced a higher education.

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The substance of a college education is also highlight
because of the opportunity to gain costly resources during your term. The more
interelationship which are collected during the college career, the more choices
you will have when you begin your job search. Once you have terminate the job
search and have begin the career, however, the importance of a college education
has not been weary. Having a college standard often allocate for greater
advancement opportunity.

So, why should you go to college someday? The reasoning
does not start and end with the job characteristis. A suitable education is
more favorable from many different standpoints, and while the importance of a
college education is totally obvious for many high school students, what is
frequently not as coherent is how they will pay for that education.

. So, why is it really important for the student to proceed in college?

There are collected reasons to sustain this fact but 7 of the most
significant ones are as follows:

1. Exposure to
the outer world. The area of exposure at school
level is slightly finite, but in college one can get a huge exposure of the
world by conference new people outside. By learning in college one can get more
opportunity to meet other people and gain current experiences, which can take a
student be a successful and productive individual of community. College life is
the beginning of  finding a new
friendships and opportunities. In college or universities, there are students
who belong to different section, regions and countries of the world. This thing
can assist the students to gain understanding and knowledge of other cultures
and traditions aside from their own.

2. Personality Development College life can helps a lot in development and enhancement of
personality of an individual. A student turned more positivity, responsible,
knowledgeable, independent and educate with much more appreciation of the world
as contrast to other people. It can expand the vision of possibilities as well.

3. Career Opportunities. At current economic situation where inflation is uprising day-by-day
economic firmness is a very important part for survival in society. One
can only notice a good and gainful job after realization of the education. While
 higher education perform to
be corresponding or competition, now college education can supply a
boost to a student’s career and this is the only way to shine and proceed
additional for more career opportunities as well as to refine one’s skills.

4. Interpersonal communication College life opens a new period of aspects for the student. This
is the situation where a student can interact with different individuals, which
enhances their communication skills therefore, making new contacts resulting in
expansion of their social system.

5. Self- Assurance  It conduct self-confidence to the person, which helps him look the
world and oppress obstacles and difficulties that life brings its way with
courage and bravery. It increases the person’s ability to express his thoughts
and emotions easily. This confidence can help the person in not only student
life but also in professional and practical issues. Only a confident person can
become successful.

6. Development
of Society:  There is no doubt about the fact that the future of
a nation depends upon its youth. Only educated youth can make a developed,
civilized and balanced society. The higher is the literacy rate of a nation,
the more the country will flourish and prosper. So, for betterment of society,
country and one’s own good, higher education is compulsory.

7. Seriously, its
fun Last but not least; college life is the most memorable part of
one’s life. This is the time when the person is young, energetic, and ready to
find new horizons and sky is not a limit. This is the stage when one develops
lifelong friendships and new bonds. According to a survey, 95% of people
out of 100 consider their college life to be the best part of their lives. I1n the company of friends one can learn the art of
extracting happiness from life as well as find the ways of enjoyment with
work. So the bottom line is that studying in college is really a very
important and crucial thing and one must not lose this opportunity in life.

Education is the
fundamental necessity of life1. To get higher and
quality education is the basic right of every human being on this planet. But
achievement of higher education is not possible without studying in college.
College is actually a hub of knowledge where most talented and professional
lecturers are ready to give you the essence of their expertise and life
experiences. So, why is it so important for a student to study in college?

There are clusters of reasons to
support this fact but 7 of the most important ones are as follows:



























10 Reasons to Go
to College

1. Start Fresh
Sometimes you just need a fresh start in life. You need to put away your old
habits and your old self, and become the person you were meant to be. That may
sound cheesy, but I’ve found it to be true of myself as well as many other
people I know. It is especially the case for young people who are transitioning
from childhood to adulthood. College is the perfect opportunity to break out of
that old shell and become someone totally new.

2. Meet People
I met many of my best friends while I was at college, and I even met my spouse
while working a summer internship for
college students. These people have shaped my life tremendously and have helped me
grow as a person. I could not imagine who or where I would be without the many
people who influenced me during my college years.

3. Learn Something
It is true that many degrees do not prepare you for the real world in terms of
what you learn. However, a college education is an opportunity to learn what
you love. Take the time to enjoy learning what you are truly passionate
about.  If you are interested in a variety of things and aren’t sure where
to focus, check out iTunes U, an online resource where
you can take college courses at the top universities for free.

4. Gain Financial Responsibility
For some people, this is not a want but a need. Parents do a lot for their
children these days and many kids are not as mature upon high school graduation
as they used to be. A lot of high school graduates have never worked, paid a
bill, or learned anything about personal finance. Even as parents teach kids about
money management, they can help their kids ease into real world responsibilities
by having them spend time in college.

5. Achieve Independence
Along with gaining financial responsibility, there is the need for kids to
mature in their decision-making. While parents may worry over their child’s
new-found freedom, teens are generally pretty excited about it. College can
give a young person the independence they feel they need as well as the
opportunity to start making their own decisions. That being said, parents
should still be parents at this point and help their children transition into
adulthood (especially if they are paying for their child’s college education
through something like a 529 college savings plan).

6. Get Involved
If you have an interest in politics, you can get involved in Student
Government. If you want to be a journalist, here is the opportunity to get a
head start by working on the school paper. Whatever you are interested in, I
guarantee there is a group for it. Not only is this a way for you to explore
something  you’re passionate about, it’s an opportunity to have your voice
heard and to gain practical experience that you can put on your resume.

7. Get a Change of Scenery
For some people, the number one reason to go to college may simply be the
opportunity to move to a new location. Many northerners may want to go to
school in the south to escape the cold. Others may just want to get out of a
small town and see the world. Even moving from a childhood home to a dorm on a
local college campus can be a great change of scenery. No matter where you go,
you are, in some way, leaving what you’ve always known. This can be the first
step in discovering where you fit in the world.

8. Attend Football And Other Sporting Events
A great way to save money on season
football tickets is to be a student. I went to the University of Florida (Go
Gators!), and student tickets at that time were only $6 per game! Other
sporting events were free for students.

9. Figure Out Who You Are
I am not sure that I had any clue who I was when I began college. I didn’t know
what direction I wanted to go in life, or what my real passions were. It took
me leaving my family, my friends, my hometown, and their influences to
begin to figure myself out. It gave me a starting point as I transitioned from
everything I had once known.

10. Have Some Fun
Sometimes I get a little sad thinking that college was the best time of my
life. While I know that is not really true, I must admit that I had a really
fun time. I will always be thankful I was able to have that experience.







Why is college important? Education
holds the key to your child’s future. Education can help your child reach
his/her life goals and dreams. Education will help your child choose what
he/she wants in life. Here are 10 key reasons why going to college is important
for your child:

• Education opens up doors. The
more education your child gets, the more choices and opportunities he/she will
have. With an education, your child has more options, which often lead to
greater success and happiness in life.

• Education allows your child to
choose his/her career. By going to college, your child can choose what he/she
wants to do in life. Your student will be able to choose a career that
interests him/her and that will enable him/her to achieve his/her dreams.

 • Education increases the amount of money your
child may be able to make. The more education your child receives, the more
money he/she may be able to earn. On average, a person with a four-year college
degree earns twice as much money as a person who graduated from high school but
did not attend college.

• Education determines your child’s
lifestyle. By going to college, your child will likely have more flexibility to
choose what type of house he/she lives in, what type of car he/she drives, what
places he/she will visit during vacations, and many other things.

 • Education expands your child’s mind. The
more educational opportunities your child is exposed to, the more knowledge and
skills he/she will obtain. Education will expose your child to a variety of people,
topics, and experiences. Your student will learn about things that interest
him/her. Growth and development will occur in many areas, including
decision-making, analytical awareness, reasoning, creative expression, verbal
expression, and more.

• Education can help your child
improve the community. Going to college will help to teach your child how to
make a difference in his/her community. During college, he/she can learn about
laws and resources that affect the community. After graduating from college,
your child can come home and apply his/her knowledge and skills to better the
neighborhood and the people who live there. As a college graduate, your child
will also serve as a role model for other children in the community.

 • Education exposes your child to a variety of
people and experiences. In college, your child will have classes with people of
all different backgrounds. Your child will also learn new things about

• Education equals security. In
general, it is much easier for a person with a college education to find a job,
maintain a job, and get promoted while on the job.

• Education equals respect. In our
society, people with college degrees tend to get more respect. People who have
college degrees are considered knowledgeable.