According of a sentence is what the sentence is

According to Estling Vannestal, 2007:80,
Subject-Verb Agreement mistakes are one of the most typical grammar mistakes
made by learners of English.

     We all know
that Subject-Verb Agreement mistakes are one of the factors that can affect the
performance of the English learners. They are not that much familiar on its
correct usage.

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important that the subject and verb in every sentence agree in number. This
less explains how you can be sure to pair the right verb with a subject. In
writing literature your purpose is to convey to your reader what knowledge and
ideas have been establish on a topic, and what their strength and weaknesses
are. A literature is an account of what has been published on a topic by
accredited scholars and researches. The subject of a sentence is what the
sentence is about. If you have a singular subject, it has to connect with a
singular verb if plural subject will require a plural verb. Just remember that
while we make most nouns plural by adding an s like when we turn the singular
noun apple into the plural noun apples verb often work in the opposite way. We
all know that a singular verb will end in an s while the plural version will be
without the s. Some sentences have compound subjects, which are subject that
consist of more than one world. In some sentences, the subject and verb get
fluffed in terms of order, and the verb comes before the subject. This happens
with questions, for example. No matter what order everything is in though, we
still need to be sure that in each sentence, our subject and verb agree in
number. For example, I might ask where are my books? In this question, the
subject is books and the verb is are.     

all know that sometimes they have more errors to use subject verb agreement but
if we understand how to use subject verb although it’s hard we need to use in
the way that knowing true. When we are child we all know that subject verb
agreement are related in every study because when we are make sentences there
are possibility that use a subject verb agreement. It is important to us also
to the students because most of the time we need it. Sometimes we forget how
make or use to the sentences because our mind are more conceivably the other.
Like what I said that when we are making a sentence we need to understand
correctly. When we are make a sentences using subject verb agreement we need to
remember that always understand the words. More students have knowing the
subject verb agreement but sometimes it’s not easy to make a sentences using
subject verb because we don’t know if it is true or wrong, and sometimes if not
wrong students are not listening because of noisy. Also to the boys who not
attend their class they didn’t know, what they’re doing, they cutting classes
and because of that didn’t know.  

     Hoshino et al, 2009:87, In English, on the
other hand if the subject is singular, the verb needs to be singular, if the
subject is plural, the verb needs to be plural as well. Using essays from the
Uppsala Student English corpus (USE) and grammatical assignments from the “The
Mid-Sweden Corpus of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (McCall)” corpus this
essay aims to investigate if it indeed is the case that S/V agreement errors do
frequently occur in the written production of Swedish students. It would be
beneficial for both teachers and students of English if it were possible to
discern the errors made by learners of a second language, in this case S/V
agreement errors. Spotting these errors would facilitate teaching what students
actually have problems acquiring instead of teaching something that most of the
students already have acquired.

(2005) adds that errors may be assessed according to the degree to which they
interfere with communication: global errors make an utterance difficult to
understand as in I wish I went my mother’s house last year and local errors
which do not, as in the example, “I angry”, where the meaning is apparent.
Errors involving subject-verb agreement can be classified under local errors as
it does not affect the message being of communication. Nevertheless, the
students really need to master the rule of SVA in order to write effectively
and to convey their messages clearly and effectively. By writing a piece of
work that is error free, it shows that learners have mastered the English
grammar rules and it will give a good impression to others who read their work
(Warden, Chen and Reynolds, 2000). Rodrigue (2015) states that the use of
singular versus, plural verbs and correct subject-verb agreement are more
abstract concepts and require more detailed explanations. Correct use of
singular and plural verbs also depends on the writer’s ability to correctly
identify the subject of the sentence and too determine if the subject is
singular or plural.        

need to clearly write what they want to convey in order to transmit their
messages effectively to the receiver. In other words, choices of words and
correct grammatical rules need to be employed by them. However, these students
of L2(a language which is not a native language in a country but , it is widely
used as a medium of communication) in the researcher’s class have difficulties
in constructing correct sentences in English. This is because they have
problems in the subject-verb agreement rules. These students have problems in
subject-verb agreement because in their L1 (generally a person’s mother tongue
or the language acquired first) which is Bahasa Malaysia, it International
Education Studies August, 2009 191 doesn’t have rules regarding subject-verb
agreement. That’s why majority of learners have problems in their writing. All
subjects either singular or plural require the same form of verb. Although the
subject-verb agreement structure was introduced early to students i.e. when
they were in the primary level, they still face problem in acquiring the
correct form of it. It really make me unhappy. It really tedious to get a
license. As the example shows, the learner failed to employ the correct rule of
subject-verb agreement where a singular subject requires a singular verb. The
learner’s writing should be: It really makes me unhappy. Fortunately, my family
especially my father needs me to help manage his business. Recently, my father
wants to expand his business by selling LPG gas. It is really tedious to get a
license. Hughes & Heah (1989) state that some examples of the typical
mistakes made by the Malaysian speakers of English are: I cannot work anymore.
My body feel weak. (My body feels). As the examples show, the learner again
failed to employ the correct rule of subject-verb agreement. Writing involves
constructing sentences correctly.

(2000) states that the sentences created by words and phrases are the essential
blocks of meaning that allow us to communicate thoughts. If there are not
constructed carefully, they can make reading difficult. He further states that
major basic usage and grammar slips in written English are those associated
with verbs. Based on the fact that subject-verb agreement area is very
important to express ideas especially in writing, where non-verbal
communication is absent, the students really need to master this rule in order
to write effectively. As a result, they can convey their message clearly and
effectively. By writing a piece of work that is error free, it shows that
learners have mastered the English grammar rules and it will give a good
impression to others who read their work.

English for students to effectively communicate their ideas well in writing,
they must be able to construct meaningful sentences that have correct grammar.
Many people mistakenly use the
subject verb agreement because sometimes the grammars they sometimes use are
incorrect and sometimes they do not know how to use the correct one. And it
affects the receiver because of the construct of the subject verb agreement