Accounting which means that they not only have a

remains one of the universal careers that are deemed prestigious. It is
considered as a systematic approach of identifying, recording and summaries
financial information with an aim of revealing the profits enjoyed or losses
incurred in a company or an institution. I have always been fascinated by major
accountants in big multinational firms thus believe that a chance to advance my
accounting skills will act as a major boost which will eventually enable me to
land my ambition of being a charted accountant in a multinational company. The
chance will also enable me to sharpen my skills furthermore putting me in a
position to mentor other aspiring accountants in the future.

One of the
main reasons I love accounting is because accountants generally play a major
role in making decisions that affect how a business operates, which means that
they not only have a lot of influence over a company’s daily operations, but
also the business industry in general. They provide the firm with various
details regarding resources that may be available to the firm and some of the
results that can be achieved through the usage of those resources. It is in due
regards to the ability to perform financial calculations and come up with
decisions useful for a firm that attracts me towards accounting

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I have
relevant work experience which I attained by working part-time at a small
accounting firm. While working there I picked up a lot of skills, one of the
main skills I learned was time management, I had always struggled to be on time
for things as I left everything to the last minute but while working I learned
to use my time more efficiently to meet the deadline that had been set for me,
this helped me finish any task I had been given on time by making quick
decision, this skill also helped me outside of my job by helping me to not be
late for college and to manage my time appropriately for each class. After
working there for just a few weeks I had already proven to be responsible and
reliable, I was praised for doing all my work to a high standard with minimum

Currently I
work as a store assistance at a grocery store. My job is to make sure that
customers are pleased with their experience when they visit us to do their
daily or weekly shopping and handle any issues they might have regarding our
products or services. I will listen to any complaints and deal with the
complaints and make sure in the future our customers don’t face the same
problems. Having done this job effectively for over three years, I have gained
some vital communication and problem-solving skills which I know will give me
an advantage in the finance sector.

When I am
not working or studying I like to spend time on various hobbies, I enjoy
reading books as I find it relaxing, one of my favorite books is ‘The
Intelligent Investor,’ by Benjamin Graham. This book has helped me expand
my financial knowledge as it talks about cost management, stock and bond
picking and stock ownership, it also talks about other financial topics. This
book has helped and inspired me to invest in different stocks. I also appreciate
listening to music and love discovering different artists to listen to, I find
that listening to music helps me focus and entertains me at the same time. I
also help my friends’ dad who’s a DJ, I help setup all the music equipment and
then help choosing the songs at parties.

I have
chosen to apply for a place to proceed with my study in your university since I
believe it is the best place to be when it comes to accounting. I also feel
obliged to study and get taught with accounting experts in this university whom
I believe will equip me with additional skills that might not be part of the
course outline but necessary in the field. I also believe that the university
will offer ample and serene environment for studying and provide the necessary
relevant materials that may assist in the advancement of an accounting career.