acHow Split the task in smaller parts and achieve

acHow to stop procrastination?

Procrastination is a term that
characterizes a certain situation as a result of which person don’t
do something on time and postpone it for later. In this case, a person cannot
be called lazy. He is in motion, dynamic and fussy. Laziness implies
unwillingness to do
something and denying the importance of this activity, saying:
“I do not want to do it all!” And procrastination puts pressure on a
person who wants to do, but cannot and is greatly tormented by feelings of
guilt and inferiority. This is a man who, as if waiting for a signal:
“To start-attention-march!” From somewhere, this will allow him to
begin work.  Unfortunately, such a signal is often the dismissal from work
fight with relatives and friends.

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If you suffer from procrastination the following tips will
help to cope with the problem as effectively as possible.

Don’t try to perfectionism

Your desire to
be in top five every time can create problems for you. You analyze everything
in very detailed way because you have fear of failure and fear of mistakes.

Don’t be stressed about the situation. Perfectionists often
focus on thinking rather than actions. Just start doing it, let it not be
perfect but with good results.

Plan your time correctly

Procrastination is often
associated with the inability to plan time, personal and business. Indeed,
there are rarely procrastinations people who can effectively allocate their
time to current affair. Divide your work according to the urgency and
importance. Most of the time you start procrastinating because you have lots of
works and you feel that if you start with one work then you have to finish
all.  So, split your work, start with
most urgent and most important ones then go to the other work.  If your work is so much then splitting is the
best way to avoid postponing. Split the task in smaller parts and achieve small


3-   Tune in to the positive

It is difficult
enough to tune in to positive, if at work and in personal life, the emergency
situation and you realize your responsibility for it. Nevertheless, it is
your inner spirit and personal decision to change that play a key
role. Indeed, the procrastinist has already somehow adapted to the eternal
postponement of affairs. Yes, it’s embarrassing and ashamed before
people. But he still lived. Bad, but cope. And now you need to
change cardinally. At what, change
yourself. Internally. Business as it was, it always will be, this is
life. Internal changes of a person are the most complex.

Make a final
decision on whether you are satisfied with the current state of affairs or
not? If not, change. Life will be filled with new colors, tension
will disappear and you will be able to become happier.