Addiction and behavior Addiction and behavior are two of











Addiction and behavior

Addiction and behavior are two of the traits that usually
goes hand to hand.This means that when one of the traits happens, it is
displayed by the other.First of all, it is very crucial for us to understand
the meaning of the two words in order us to be able to find out how they are
correlated.Addiction simply can be defined as the situation where one is not
able to stop or withdraw him or herself from a certain habit whose continuation
interferes with his or normal human activities.Such habits which lead to
addiction include the use of drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroine
among others, playing games such as gambling, sex, work, eating among other
activities which can become addictive.Although many people consider that
addiction is caused by engaging in non-constructive or negative activities,
people can be addicted to constructive and beneficial activities such as
working, going for shopping, swimming, singing among other leisure activities.

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On the other hand, behavior refers to how one conducts him
or her in response to the surrounding environment .it should be noted that
there are certain behaviors which are addictive hence behavior also a major
type of addiction. Addictive behaviors are believed to make a person feel
comfortable.Substances such drugs make the users forget their problems and feel
high.It makes such people hallucinate, a condition where a person imagines or
visions things which are beyond his or her reach.Such people feel that it is
difficult to stop their addictive behaviors although some of these behaviors
are harmful to their health or personal life.Addicted people usually tend to
repeat their addictive behaviors yet they usually get negative results from
this addictive behaviors. As we said earlier, not only people do get addiction
on unwanted situations but also on beneficiary activities hence one may benefit
from some of these activities. However, although these activities are
beneficial they might have some side effects. For people addicted to shopping
may find themselves wasting a lot of cash at the same time spending too much
money which can be used for other important business apart from shopping. There
are several types of addiction which include food addiction, sex addiction,
upload addiction, pornography, a playing of video games, gambling such as
gambling in casino games, shopping, use of social media, shopping, behavioral
addiction among others.Out of the listed major types of addiction, this paper
will discuss in detail about food addiction, sex addiction, and opioid

Food Addiction

Food addiction is a type of addiction that is associated
with the excessive eating of foods which are rich in sugar, fat, and salt.These
foods which have got the high content of sugar, fat, and salt are known as
palatable foods.Such kind of foods usually stimulates a chemical in the brain
called dopamine which makes one feel good and increases the anxiety of eating
and hence one develops the need to eat something.People who are addicted to
food addiction usually tend to eat more although they are not hungry.By
overeating, a person can a develop a condition called compulsive overeating.
This means that being addicted to certain foods becomes a behavior that he or
she cannot stop and incites a feeling of intense pleasure whenever eating the
food addicted to. According to researchers, food addiction is not based on
people who are suffering from obesity but also to people who have got normal
body weight. Furthermore, scientists claim that people who are addicted to
certain foods usually continue with the behavior although they are aware of the
side effects of their conditions.There are various symptoms which can help to
tell if someone is a victim of food addiction.Such symptoms include;

People who are food addicts usually find themselves eating more
than the quantity they had planned to eat.

Food addicts usually eat although they are not hungry.

They usually find themselves guilty of their actions but keeps on
repeating their behavior hence it becomes had to stop despite the
consequences associated with food addiction.

They usually fear to bind themselves from eating food which portrays
their food addiction attributes traits.

Most of these addicts hide their excessive eating behavior from others
to avoid the shame and embarrassment they can encounter from other
people in the society. One can buy a meal that he or she addicted to and eat
alone in hiding place where other people cannot recognize whatever he or she is

Food addicts usually experience neither a certain pleasure nor
whenever eating although they are not hungry or their stomach is full.


It should be noted that, just like drug addiction, food
addiction is a condition which can be managed and cured for victims
affected.Researchers claim that food addiction rehabilitation can be more
complicated than other types of addictive behavior. However, there are several
simple ways one can try to eliminate the challenge of food addiction.These
steps include;

One can participate in group sessions of people who once in their
life they were food addicts and are still in the processing of rehabilitation.

Participating in drug therapy.This involves taking medicines that may
help to reduce food addiction by controlling the brain through balancing of hormones
that makes one feel more anxious when he or she encounters foods which addicted

Sex addiction

Sex addiction is a type of addiction that is characterized
by an individual spending most of his thinking about sex or displaying
behaviors that leads to sexual effect.Usually, sex addicts are unable to
control their situations.An individual who is a sex addict usually displays
some common behaviors such as watching of pornography, engaging in
masturbation, computer sex among others .unlike other types of addiction which
are based on substance abuse, sex addiction is an act which becomes difficult
to stop whenever one is in into it. it is a serious problem which if not
addressed and properly dealt with can lead one to become a sex offender through
committing of offenses or illegal activities such as rape, exhibitionism, and
voyeurism.Exhibitionism is a condition where one is sexually aroused when other
people view his sexual acts while voyeurism is a condition where one is
sexually aroused through watching sexual behaviors of other people.Others
usually end engaging in sexual intercourse with animals, an act called  ‘bestiality’. From the above information
types of sex addiction include voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation,
prostitution, watching of pornography video to sexually arouse him or
herself.The cause of sexual addictions has not been clearly found although the
addiction is beloved to be brought about by some psychological and social
issues.Theses psychological or social factors are believed to stimulate the
intensity of sex addiction but being considered as the major
causes.Nevertheless, people who are suffering from sexual addiction usually
display signs and symptoms based on the type of sexual addiction of which they
are victims.Examples of symptoms which may help to detect whether a person is a
sex addict include;

Engaging in masturbation regularly fulfill one’s sexual desires.

Consistent watching of pornographic videos or pictures to satisfy sexual

Acts of having several sexual partners so that whenever one is in
need of sex he or she cannot strain.

The hiring of prostitutes to use them in satisfying one’s sexual desire.



Sexual addicts are unable to control their sexual desires or behaviors.

Sex addiction is a serious problem which if not addressed
can bring negative impacts and complications to the life of the affected
individual.It is a difficult type of addiction to curb and sex addicts usually
try many times to stop without success .such complications include the
development of conflicts with family members or close friends, being exposed to
the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, feelings of embarrassment
in front of others and depressions.When it comes to treatment of sex addiction,
different research has their findings on whether there is a treatment for this
type of addiction.However, based on several studies and findings sex addiction
can be curbed in the following ways ;

A person who is who is a sex addict can participate in sex therapy
groups.This helps usually such people to feel that they are not isolated
because of their condition.Through this group one is able to understand then he
or she is not the only one with the problem but there are other people
with the same challenge who are in such of treatment hence this encourages him
or her.

One can visit health specialists such as psychologist in order to
guidance and counseling on how to deal with their major weakness that
contributes to sexual addiction. This involves ways in which to deal with your
thoughts or sexual behaviors.

Use of medicines prescribed by qualified health specialist to reduce the
urge to have sex.

Upload addiction

This is a type of addiction that is also very common among
the adults yet it has been recognized by many people. It can lead to both
combined social, health and comics challenges.Uploads are a type of drugs which
helps the nervous system to reduce body pain producing feelings of
pleasure.Opioids are meant to be used for treatment through proper prescription
by a medical practitioner. Because of the feeling of pleasure, they create
people tend to overuse them hence end up abusing the drugs.Therefore opioid
addiction is said to be a type of addiction that involves continuous and
excessive of opioid drugs by a person despite the fact that they are not
medically prescribed for him or her by a health physician. Example of opioid
drugs is codeine, heroin, methadone, oxycodone, and Percocet.The addiction is
caused by continuous use the opioids drugs in order to avoid symptom of
withdrawal.Overdosing of opioid drugs can lead to dependency, a condition
whereby if a person stops using the drug he or she may start experiencing some
symptoms of withdrawal from the use of drugs.The withdrawal symptoms include
diarrhea, sweating, fatigue, vomiting, chills and shaking.People who abuse
upload usually syringes to inject the drug into their body themselves or
through smoking.Most people intend to feel high faster by using these drugs.The
pleasure experienced by using this drug is usually strong.People who are
addicted to opioid faces the risk of overdose which leads slow breathing and
might even stop the breathing leading to death.

There are several symptoms which displays that a person is a
victim of opioid addiction.These symptoms include;

Having the desire to take the excess of the drug while with the aim of
getting the same result. This is a major step towards recognizing if you
are addicted to opioids.

Breathing at a slower rate.

Prioritising the use of the drug besides other important issues thus
becoming an irresponsible person.

Persistent use of opioid drugs despite knowing the side of effects of the


Inability to stop continuous use the drugs despite various attempts to
stop the behavior.

Treatment for opioid addiction involves the use of detox
method which is aimed in assisting the addicted person to stop using the drug
at the same time preventing him or her from attempting to take the drug later
in future life. A health physician can prescribe some medication which can
assist one to reduce the withdrawal symptoms as well as regulating the cravings
that might develop because of stopping the use of the drug. Examples of
medicines which are used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and regulating cravings
for opioid drugs are methadone and naltrexone.One can also participate in
guidance and counseling to get the motivation to generally withdraw from the
addictive condition.Participating also in group therapy helps one not feel
isolated because of the addiction.Through this group, one has an opportunity to
meet with the same condition he or she is in hence they can motivate each other.


In conclusion, based on the discussed types of addictive
behaviors, addiction to any substance or habit tends to interfere with the
normal lives of individuals affected.Most of these addictive behaviors are hard
to stop despite the various attempts that the victims try to rescue
themselves.Addiction according to this paper starts as at lower rate but
continuous use of a substance or engaging in a certain habit develops an
addiction.Although there are some addictive behaviors which are have got positive
impacts, most people are addicted to substances or habits which affects them in
many different areas of their lives to an extent where they become unproductive
people to the society.A large section of people who are affected by different
types of addiction are the young energetic group of people.


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