After 15 years old, was five years ago in

After the death of the singer Michael Jackson, his children Paris,
Prince and Blanket were exposed to the public eye after years of having guarded
their privacy.

Now, the youngest of the three, Blanket, has appeared in a
photograph shared by his sister Paris Jackson and all the media have commented
on the great physical resemblance he has with his father.

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Blanket, in the center of the snapshot and wearing a black hood,
bears a strong resemblance to his father. Although the identity of their
biological parents is unknown, it has always been believed that he was
conceived through a subrogated womb.

The last time we saw the young man, who is now 15 years old, was
five years ago in Los Angeles, during the premiere of the tour of the Cirque du
Soleil held in honor of his father Michael Jackson.

The photograph shows Paris, who was in the news only a week ago
for a naked comment, and Blanket calm and smiling with his family and friends.
According to the American press, the image was taken at the restaurant P.F.

Although his image has not been seen in the media for years, we
can still follow him on his Twitter account where he usually publishes his
day-to-day life like any other young man of his age.

Bigi, as he likes to be called, was only 7 years old when his
father, Michael Jackson, died on June 25, 2009.

After the death of the singer, the grandmother of the children,
Katherine Jackson officially became his legal guardian and that of his
brothers, Michael Joseph and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. Blanket still
lives with her grandmother in Calabasas, California, and goes to a private
school in Los Angeles.

With only 9 months he became the object of a great controversy
after being shown by his father on the balcony of the Adlon hotel in Berlin.

Debbie Rowe, mother of the first two children of the artist, always
denied any type of biological connection with Blanket, reason why the identity
of the biological parents of the young person is not known.