After her eye. It was Snape… muttering all to

After a seemingly effortless goal by Angelina Johnson, a paroxysm of verve impelled Marcus Flint, Slytherin’s Quidditch captain, to desperate measures. Having been passed the Quaffle by his fellow comrade, Marcus dexterously darted left and right, eluding every possible attempt to cease his onslaught. However, his opposing team’s captain, Oliver Wood, deflected the ball and flashed a proud grin to greet his angry-clenching teeth. In such a momentary lapse of time, the Chasers had managed to score another 10 points for Gryffindor. Being 20 points behind, Slytherin’s Chasers dashed across the pitch to take another shot but once again, Wood intercepted it by the skin of his teeth. Out of discontent, Marcus shot the Bludger at Wood, who was then eliminated. Without their leader taking the wheel, Gryffindor was played like a fiddle ; the Machiavellian serpents even got the poor Angelina out of the game. Gryffindor’s every effort to sustain their lead was to no avail. Harry was left all alone to acquire the game-changing element — the Golden Snitch. Out of the blue, a shimmering object whizzed before his eyes. That was it! The Snitch! Harry zoomed towards the mischievous ball but things took a turn for the worse.  His Nimbus 2000 had gone sentient and it was as if the broom was playing for Slytherin, for it was wobbling back and forth ; Harry was on the verge of plunging to his death. From the magnified view of Hermione, Harry looked like a boat caught in a tumultuous storm but something more peculiar caught her eye. It was Snape… muttering all to himself. Hermione almost immediately surmised that he had cursed Harry’s broom. It was just a matter of time before Harry would lose his grip so Hermione, thinking on her feet, weaved through the crowd to halt the alleged perpetrator. Sneaking behind Snape, Hermione enchanted a spell — Lacarnum Inflamari, which spat a fireball from her wand onto his cloak. It looked as if Hermione’s accusation was proven right because as soon as Snape was disrupted, Harry had control over his broom again. Harry leaped on his broom and raced towards the ball, where the other Seeker was. The two fought like cats and dogs, shoving each other in hope of taking their rival down. Eyes fixated on his target, Harry decided that it was all or nothing as he swerved 90° to the ground and surfed just a few inches away from the ground. Just as Harry was about to lay his hands on the ball, he tipped off the broom and went tumbling down the ground. Unprecedentedly, he caught the ball in his mouth and won the match. Why this scene stood out to me was its intense and valiant atmosphere that left me on the edge of my seat. During the end of the scene, I was raising my eyebrows over how Harry, the rookie of Quidditch, actually caught the ball in his mouth. It was certainly a heart-warming success! Also, this scene goes hand in hand with another part of the movie in which Professor Quirrell revealed that he was the mastermind of all the mysteries that had been happening. This reflects that in our reality and the wizards’ realm,  no one should judge a book by its cover. For instance, the poor, stuttering Professor Quirrell was actually a devil in disguise, whereas Snape, who was deemed a demon, was protecting Harry all along. I believe that J.K. Rowling is reminding us to not simply define a man’s nature, for the one who had stuck by you during your tough times could be the actual cause of it. This is ultimately vital in our fast-paced society where competition exists almost everywhere.