After instance, 8 IELTS is a talk show as

After long day working at school and company, watching television is one of the ways that helps us relax. While it is true that television has generated numerous benefits, there are a number of disadvantages to put into consideration.

On one hand, the merits of television cannot be questionable. In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment but also an inexpensive one. It can be seen that people only need to stay at home and enjoy every favourite films or programs without paying too much money. For example, the elderly can watch news in the morning which saves their time effectively instead of buying newpapers. In addtion, television functions as an inventive method of providing education in the broadest sense. Lots of online courses offer people who do not have enough time in class a chance to study eassily. For instance, 8 IELTS is a talk show as well as the first program about ielts in Vietnam on VTV7 from which you can learn many useful tips  to improve your ielts score and skills. As a result, television has a lot of advantages that are really helpful for everyone.

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However, television could involve some drawbacks that require further discussion. To begin with, spending a large amount of the time on television is viewed as a great time-consumer. If university students or busy staff  watch TV most of time and do not do anything else, it will affect their study or their work. They will becom lazier and will not complete what you want to do because of excessive time on TV. Moreover, watching an excess of television has devastating influences on people’s health. It involves many risks of suffering form short-sightedness, sleepleness and spinal cord injury if people sit for a long period time . For these reasons, it has numerous profound restraints to be concerned about.

To sum up, there is no doubt that while many advantages can be identified thanks to watching television, it will bring some unpleasant loss as a result. It is advisable to  adjust and manage time reasonably so that people’s health will be prevented from diseases and stress.