Airlines for it- we’ll do all we can to

Airlines denying you the compensation that’s rightfully yours?Don’t stand for it- we’ll do all we can to get the money you’re owed! The expert guidance you needWhen you submit a claim by yourself, only one in ten people get results. We’re here to help the other nine claim what they are due.No win, no feeWe don’t charge any hidden fees, or ask for anything upfront. If we don’t get you your compensation, you don’t pay a penny- it’s that simple!We keep you in the loopWe strive to keep our users fully informed at all times. Whenever there’s a change in the status of your claim, we’ll let you know right away. Don’t let airlines walk all over youBy knowing your rights, you can claim what you are owed  Was your flight delayed by three hours or more?Airlines have to carry thousands upon thousands of customers every day, so safety is an important part of what they do. Sometimes, flights have to be delayed a few minutes to carry out important safety checks, and that’s completely understandable. However, when those delays stretch to hours, that’s just not on- and in most cases, the airline themselves are to blame. It’s not just us who thinks this, either- the European Union have put regulations into place that mean if your situation meets their criteria, the airline could owe you hundreds of pounds in compensation. Cancelled flight?In some cases, it’s simply impossible for a flight to take off. Whether it’s due to adverse weather, a fault with the plane, or security issues, these are out of the airline’s hands, and known as a “superior force”. However, few cancelled flights are actually due to such issues- and if your flight was cancelled for no good reason, it can be a major inconvenience to passengers. If you were booked on a flight that was cancelled under 14 days before the departure date, then fill out our claim form now, and see if you’re due any compensation. Overbooking compensationThere are many times when passengers don’t make it to the airport on time, and therefore are unable to travel on their booked flight. Some airlines exploit this fact by selling more tickets on a flight than they have seats, in the hope that not everyone will turn up in time. This lets them make more money, but if everyone does make the flight, it means unsuspecting travellers will be forced off the plane they were due to fly on. In these cases, the airline doesn’t have a leg to stand on- you are well within your rights to demand compensation for the inconvenience. Delayed by over 3 hours? Submit your claim now!We’ll do all the hard work for you, and see if you could be due hundreds of pounds in compensation.