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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. He was born in Ulm, Germany. Einstein’s parents were Hermann Einstein, who ran an electrochemical factory, and Pauline Koch, who was just on household duty. When Einstein was born he had a sister named Maria Einstein. Einstein was not a normal child. His brain was smaller than the average size and yet he was showing great potential in the fields of Science and Mathematics. Although he learned to speak at a very late age, he’s parents put him under private education. He learned how to play the violin. Einstein was getting into the religious  and was deeply into it until he was introduced into the fields of science and started doubting his religious beliefs. Einstein went to a school called Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Switzerland during the year of 1896 to become a professor in the fields of mathematics and physics. Since Einstein was in Switzerland, he became a citizen. He graduated in 1901 to pursue his teaching career and started at a part time job in a Technician School and he then lost his hope of teaching in a university. Einsten then worked in a patent office for 7 years. In 1905, it was a year to remember not only did Einstein get his masters degree, he also discovered the theory of relativity which unfortunely didn’t get a Nobel Prize. Einstein was starting to create his life with his wife, Mileva Maric. He had with her 3 children, Hans Albert Einstein, Lieserl Einstein, and Eduard Einstein. Einstein life and dreams were beginning to help him after the year of 1905, the year he discovered the theory of relativity. As he was still working at the patent office, he was doing a remarkable job which in 1908 got a job as Privatdozent in Berne. The following year he became a professor in Zurich. He left to take another job and came back to Zurich Professor of Theoretical Physics. In 1914, he left to Berlin to become a professor in the University of Berlin. He stayed for more than 15 years and he even got his German citizenship.Einstein was enjoying his years as they go but unfortunely got a divorce in 1919. But not only did he get a divorce but he also got married with his cousin Elsa Einstein. After 1933, Einstein left to go to America to become a professor at the University of Princeton. During Einsteins time in the United States, World War 2 was going on. Einstein was a mathematician but yet managed to be a leader. He also decided to reject an offer from Israel. The country asked him to be their president but he couldn’t take the role so he rejected it. In 1955, Einsteins death year had come. He died of Abdominal aortic aneurysm. Einstein was 76 when this happened and he knew he was close to his death. He had asked for his body to be cremated and for the doctors to take out his brain in hope of that they will soon crack his knowledge. Also no one knew what Einsteins words were because he was in the hospital and the doctor was english and so his last words were never heard leaving him dead while him sleeping.