Alexander of them even went to the Supreme Court!

Alexander Graham Bell was an amazing inventor. He contributed to the world in so many ways, and his mind was so creative. He was an entrepreneur in the world of telephones and technology. Think about what the world would be like without telephones. You wouldn’t be able to communicate through long distance instantly without a telegraph machine. You wouldn’t be talking on Skype, for sure. You wouldn’t be able to voice chat with your friends while playing on your Xbox. And you definitely wouldn’t be shooting down green pigs with birds that have eyebrows on your smartphone. Think about this – your iPhone, Samsung, or whatever kind of smartphone you have wouldn’t exist if there was no telephone. Bell was born in the year 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and died in the year 1922. He was alive during the first World War. He had two siblings by the names of Edward Charles Bell and Meville James Bell. He married Mabel Gardiner Bell. They had four children- Elsie Bell, Robert Bell, Marian Hubbard Bell, and Edward Bell. He went to college for anatomy and physiology, but his education was cut short. Later in life, Bell invented the telephone. The way I believe people saw the telephone back then was as an improved telegraph. Bell is said to have been the first person to transmit a human voice over wire. The first words said over a telephone were said on accident by Bell to his assistant in another room, Watson. Bell said, “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Watson was ecstatic when he heard those words over the telephone prototype. It finally worked!People say that Edison was the true inventor of the telephone. However, his patent has been questioned. He was involved in many lawsuits- some of them even went to the Supreme Court! Bell won every lawsuit. That is a true feat! The first telephone company was invented soon- the Bell Telephone Company. Alexander Graham Bell left an unforgettable legacy. The invention of the telephone was something that inspired people. Need proof? We have wireless, touchscreen telephones today that can communicate by telephone, text, social media applications, and even through video with Skype and FaceTime! You can talk to these phones, play games on these phones, and even buy things online with these phones! Bell inspired people to improve his invention, and people have done just that. Bell did more than just invent the telephone. He created a whole new category in business. At his burial, all American phone lines were silenced in his honor. A museum was built in his honor.